California Screamin’

A favorite attraction in California Adventure is the rollercoaster, California Screamin. Here’s a collection of pictures. Nicole and Elizabeth Ready to Launch Sarah and Josiah in the Last Row Jason and Josiah Returning Josiah, Sarah, Jeri, and Tim Elizabeth and Tim in the front row of the first car

Family Photo at Disneyland

Tim took two days of vacation, April 9th and 10th. We purposely chose a Tuesday and Wednesday because the crowds would be smaller at Disneyland on those days. On Tuesday, we were at California Adventure from about 1 PM until 6 PM when some of us had to leave to pickup a food co-op order. […]

Four of Us at Disneyland

On Friday, April 12th, 2013, we achieved a significant milestone by releasing a new version of our software. I was able to leave work a little early. Instead of taking the bus home, a co-worker dropped me off at Harbor and MacArthur. Jeri, Elizabeth, and Josiah picked me up in the Carl’s Jr.’s parking lot […]