Case of Mistaken Identity

Joanna was at Orange Coast College (O.C.C.) this semester when a friend of hers (named Alex) came up to her. Alex said “I almost said Hi to someone who looked just like you. But it couldn’t have been you because you were already at class.”

Because Joanna knew that Victoria had come to class that day, Joanna asked Alex what the girl’s hair looked like. Alex seemed to think that the mystery girl’s hair was short. Because Victoria has longer hair, Joanna figured that it must *not* have been Victoria. Then Alex said that the girl walked off and got in this really beat-up minivan. At that point, Joanna knew without a doubt that it was Victoria.

Our 1994 Dodge Caravan is severely rusted on the top and, by all accounts, is the ugliest looking vehicle seen thus far in the O.C.C. parking lot.