Sarah’s Birthday 2014

This past Friday was Sarah’s birthday. Joanna helped plan a little party. Around 3 PM, some of their college “singing” friends (Evan, Dimitri, Katherine, Mikaela, and Kendall) showed up at our house. Originally they were going to play some outdoor games at the park close by. But the day earlier, Sarah started feeling sick with a slight fever. So they made plans to move indoors.

Joanna found a game called picture telephone. It goes like this. Everyone is given a piece of paper and begins by writing their own name at the bottom of the page. Then at the top, everyone writes a sentence about ANYTHING! Then each person hands that paper to the person next to them. This person has to DRAW the sentence.

When each person has completed this step, he/she folds down the original sentence so that it can no longer b viewed and passes the paper to the next person. This person has to write a sentence based on the picture on the paper. When he/she has completed the sentence, this person folds down the picture and passes it again.

Thus each person alternates writing a sentence and drawing a picture. The game ends when each person’s paper makes it back to the original spot. Then the paper is unfolded to reveal the (often hilarious) results. We also played the game after supper as a family. Here are a few examples.