Cousins at Disneyland – Day 1

On Monday, March 23rd, we didn’t get out of the house until around 10 AM. We were at Disneyland/California Adventure by 11 AM. We stayed through the fireworks show leaving the park around 10 PM. So by the time we made it home, we had been gone almost 13 hours! Here’s a synopsis of what […]


Quite a few guys (and one gal) from our church joined up with another church’s youth group to play broomball. For everyone from our church, it was their first time…except for Tim who played in college (and LOVED it). Our group rented the rink for an hour. We were on the ice for only 40 […]

Josiah’s First Poem

Yesterday, Josiah was inspired to write a poem. Here it is: My Friend, Katlyn I once had a friend named Katlyn, oh, fun we did. We ran around and sprayed each other, We ran around and hid. Then, terror struck. Moving. She did not wish to be happy. She wished to be sad and I […]