Hacked by Queen Photobomber!

Mwuahahahahahahaha. I hacked it! Just kidding. But, I am going to post some more pictures from when our cousins were here. And since I’m not very good with words, I’ll just…show the pictures…? (Picture credit goes to Sebastian.)


Mom’s hair. *eyebrow wiggle* (And I managed to get Sebastian’s hands in it too.)


Waiting in line to get sourdough bread! 🙂


My angry face. Beware of dog-er…girl.


Yep. I got dragged(literally got dragged) into getting onto the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride. (Equivalent of the Space Shot. Except safer.)


Admire Jessica…and Sebastian’s wonderful watch.


Not exactly sure what Jessica was doing…


Needless to say, they fell down.


Grizzle Falls! (Not actually called that, but it sounded appropriate.)


On the bus! (Don’t mind the blur. 😀 )


Awesome pose Jessie…


Not exactly sure what Bubba(Josiah) was looking at. But I managed to photo bomb. (Yes, I am boss.)


So attractive Jess. 😀 😀 😀

And that concludes the picture poat(A.K.A. post). As you can probably tell, the pictures are not, in the slightest bit, chronological. 😀

Annnnnnnnd so…bye! *waves* 🙂



2015 Spring Recital

Tonight was the Spring Recital at church. There was some great music especially by the Tang and Iorga girls.

For the opening number, Josiah, Elizabeth, Joshua Tang and Kristi Tang sang while Joanna Tang played the piano. It was a Patch the Pirate song titled “Pigs Don’t Live in Houses.”

Josiah and Elizabeth along with the Tangs sing Pigs Don't Live in Houses. Click photo for full size.
Josiah and Elizabeth along with the Tangs sing Pigs Don’t Live in Houses. Click photo for full size.

They started laughing too hard at the beginning of the song. However they did recover and finish successfully.

Here’s the video