NYC Saturday

Last night I went to bed thinking that I was fine. But then when Mom came to bed about 20 minutes later, she thought that I was really hot. Sure enough, I must have caught the flu. During the night I would alternate from roasting to feeling chilled. I’m thankful that I didn’t catch it […]

NYC Friday

Today is our last full day in NYC so we plan to make the most of it. Although we didn’t make it out of the apartment by 7:30 am like we had discussed, we did make it out by 8:15 am…not too bad. Given the earlier time, the subway cars were packed full. We skipped […]

NYC Thursday

We woke up to some showers. Fortunately the showers stopped after a bit…and the day stayed mostly cloudy. Combine that with mild temps in the 70s and it was a very pleasant day! Today we actually got an earlier start. We skipped grilling sandwiches like we did yesterday to save time…besides no one was excited […]

NYC Wednesday

Today, we let people sleep in. Jeffrey was the last one up…sometime around 11 am. By the time we showered, ate and got ready, it was after 1 pm. We took the subway in to Times Square. We picked up tickets to The Ride for the 4:15 pm bus. Since we had a little over […]

NYC Tuesday

Because of the reception and because their roommates had early flights, the kids didn’t get to bed until REALLY late. Their roommates flying back to California didn’t even bother to go to bed since they had to catch their shuttle at 4:45 am. Needless to say the Pau singers didn’t get much sleep. In the […]

Carnegie Hall

The concert Monday night was one that we’ll always remember! We arrived at Carnegie Hall plenty early so we spent time in the Carnegie Museum. Lots of interesting artifacts…a copy of a letter from Franz List that started the ball rolling. We learned that a lot of famous composers have conducted there…Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Sousa, We […]

NYC Monday

This morning it was bright and sunny at 8 o’clock when Mom and I woke up. Given that we went to bed close to 1 a.m., we were still pretty tired. The only food we had in the apartment was some bars and chips. Eventually around 11 a.m. we figured out where the grocery store […]

Arriving in NYC

The flight was uneventful. JetBlue is nice! Plenty of legroom, free entertainment including movies, variety of snacks and drinks. I was feeling nauseated when arrived at JFK. So we stopped for food. We found a salad bar. As we were eating we realized that we hadn’t picked up our checked bag! So we packed up […]