Family Cruise to Mexico – First Night

As a Christmas present for the family, Jeri and Tim purchased a three-day cruise to Mexico for everyone. This gift included Christmas money from Grandma Pau.

We embarked the Carnival Imagination on Thursday, February 28, 2019, around 2 PM. First stop once on-board was the lunch buffet.

We chose to dine at 6:00 PM each night in the Spirit dining room. They assigned a large table for all eleven of us. Of course, the food was excellent!

Josiah, Joanna, Sarah, Nicole, Jeffrey, Victoria, and Lizzie looking at the menu. Click for full size.

Lizzie, Justin (with lasagna), and Jeri (with the Indian entree) at supper.

Click for full size.

Crispy Portobello Mushroom. Yum!

Click for full size.

Here is a short video montage.

Short video montage

Sunset at the Huntington Beach Pier

On Thursday evening around sunset, the tide was scheduled to be fairly low (which makes for good pictures). So Justin, Josiah, and Tim drove down to the beach to take some pictures. The temperature was around 50 F and the breeze was quite chilly.

Here’s Justin taking some pictures. You can see that the tide is out.

Justin setting up for sunset pictures.

The combination of rain clouds and the sun setting created an orange glow. Ruby’s Diner is a restaurant at the end of the Huntington Beach Pier.

Sun behind Ruby’s Diner

In this picture, Catalina Island is visible in the distance on the left.

A video of our time at the beach