Victoria’s Voice Recital

Victoria worked VERY hard to get ready for her voice recital. She would stay at Orange Coast College many afternoons. Lizzie would help her on piano and Joanna would be her coach.

Mai, Victoria, and Joanna. Click photo for full size.

Mai and Victoria opened the evening with a beautiful duet.

Victoria and Mai alternated sets of two or three pieces.

Here is a piece that Mai sang. She, too, sang very well.

The final piece of the recital was trio sang by Mai, Victoria, and Joanna.

As an encore for Mai and Victoria’s voice recital, Sarah, Joanna, Jeffrey, and Lizzie joined to perform Jazz Talkin’. This sophomore voice recital was required as part of Orange Coast College’s Music program.

After the recital, there were snacks and refreshments outside. This was conducive for people to hang around and visit.

Visiting after the recital. Click photo for full size.

Lizzie’s Graduation

Sunday evening, June 23rd, 2019, Lizzie graduated from high school. Grandma Stogdill flew from Iowa to join us for the weekend. It was nice seeing her again. Here’s a selfie taken before the ceremony.

Tim, Jeri, Grandma Stogdill, Nicole with Jeffrey, Victoria, and Sarah in the row behind. Click photo for full size.

This year Warner Avenue Christian Academy had two graduates: Josh and Lizzie. Here they are playing a piece together with Josh on violin and Lizzie on piano.

Josh and Lizzie playing. Click photo for full size.

As per tradition, each graduate had a slideshow that displayed his or her life from the beginning. Here is Lizzie’s.

Pastor Steve gave an encouraging address to all reminding us to keep learning. This is only the “end of the beginning.” Then he presented the diplomas.

Pastor Steve, Josh, and Lizzie. Click photo for full size.

After the ceremony, we had a reception in the church’s fellowship hall where we had food and drinks.

Food table at the reception after the graduation. Click photo for full size.

Of course there was also cake and ice cream.

Lizzie with the graduation cake. Click photo for full size.
Joanna, Victoria, Lizzie, Sarah, and Nicole with the cake. Click photo for full size.
Photo time with Jeffrey. Click photo for full size.
Some Pau girls, McNabb girls, and Grandma Stogdill. Click photo for full size.

Josiah and his church friends really enjoy playing with Nerf guns. Here he is trying to pop a balloon with a gun that can shoot small balls pretty hard. (The balloon didn’t break.)

Josiah trying to pop a balloon with a Nerf gun. Click photo for full size.

Here is Lizzie’s graduation photo.

Lizzie’s graduation photo (taken with a Pixel 3a)

Here is a video collage of the day.

NYC Trip

Rainy Day in NYC

Sarah and Joanna opted to stay in NYC one extra day after their Carnegie Hall concert. The rest of the choir returned to California on Tuesday.

In the morning (after only a few hours of sleep), Sarah and Joanna joined a few others to see the High Line which is an elevated park that was created from a former train line.

Later in the morning the rain started. They took the subway back to the Westin Hotel in Times Square. And Tim and Jeri took the subway from their Airbnb to meet them at their hotel.

Here we are in the hotel lobby.

Joanna, Sarah, Jeri, and Tim in the Westin hotel lobby. Click photo for full size.

By now it is raining with puddles everywhere.

After dropping off their luggage at our Airbnb, we walk to Lombardi’s, a pizza place that came highly recommended from a choir friend.

We enjoyed the pizza and experience very much.

Lunch at Lombardi’s. Click photo for full size.
Jeri at Lombardi’s. Click photo for full size.
Sarah and Joanna at Lombardi’s. Click photo for full size.
After lunch at Lombardi’s. Click photo for full size.

Walking back, we stopped at Teikai NYC, a famous soft-serve ice cream store known for its fish-shaped cones.

Sarah got ice cream at Teiyaki NYC. Click photo for full size.

Joanna got ice cream at Matcha n’ More. The display reads “love you very matcha” behind Joanna.

Inside Matcha n’ More. Click photo for full size.

We relaxed back at the apartment. We originally planned to take the Staten Island Ferry and see the Statue of Liberty (along with Staten Island) but the wet weather caused us to change our minds.

Jeri and Joanna relaxing in our Airbnb. Click photo for full size.

Later in the evening, we decided to get food delivered from Buddha Bodai, a Chinese vegan restaurant recommended by our Airbnb host. At 9:00 PM, we placed our order and the guy shows up on his bicycle about 20 minutes later. We gave the guy a nice tip.

Eating food delivered from Buddha Bodai. Click photo for full size.
Jeri and Joanna having Chinese vegan food. Click photo for full size.


Travel Nightmare!

On Saturday afternoon, June 8th, 2019, Jeri and Tim left Orange County for Moline, Illinois to visit Tim’s mom. However the trip didn’t start off well at all. And it went downhill from there.

Our first plane had mechanical issues so the pilot opted to not fly it. The replacement pilot reviewed the issues and the maintenance log and also decided to not fly it. So we eventually got another plane and had to switch gates…not once, but twice.

Our late start out of John Wayne Airport had us concerned that we would miss our tight connection in Dallas. During our flight, the flight attendant assured everyone that they would make their connections.

When we arrived in Dallas and checked the monitors, we saw that the flight to Moline had indeed been delayed several times. We thought that maybe they are holding the plane for us. However it was scheduled to leave very shortly. We decided to hustle to the next gate (at another terminal) just in case the flight was delayed one more time.

When we arrive at the terminal and at our gate, we see crowds and lines of people. Our flight was initially said to be boarding, then went to delayed, then finally canceled.

Waiting in line to find out our status. Click photo for full size.

Turns out that a GPS software update was grounding a number of aircraft that day. So we now had to find a place to stay in Dallas for the night. We were booked on the next available flight to Moline which was the next day in the evening. (The late morning flight was already full.)

Long story short, we finally found a nearby hotel to stay and were picked up by the hotel shuttle. Here we are waiting for the shuttle.

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the hotel. Click photo for full size.

We get to our room around midnight. We only had our carry-on bags. All of our clothes and toiletries were in our checked bag. Fortunately we each had a toothbrush and toothpaste on us.

In the morning, our hotel served breakfast. After checking out, we spent our time in the hotel lobby. Tim had his laptop so he could work on some stuff. Jeri had some reading material and puzzles with her. For lunch, we ate some snacks that we brought along with us.

When evening approached, we took the shuttle back to the airport. When we get to the gate, we found that we didn’t have seat assignments and were told to check the Standby list. What?!? Does this mean that we might not make the flight to Moline and would have to stay another night in Dallas…without our luggage? (By the way, due to the nature of the cancellation, the American Airlines would not have to reimburse our hotel expenses.)

On top of that, severe weather was in the Dallas area which caused many flights to be delayed and some flights to be canceled.

We stopped at a place for food. Jeri got a grilled veggie panini; Tim got tofu, brown rice, broccoli with Thai chili sauce which was healthy but not as tasty as Jeri’s.

Getting food at the UFood Grill at the DFW Airport. Click photo for full size.
Jeri with her Veggie Panini. Click photo for full size.
Tofusion Bowl. Click photo for full size.

So we wait and wait as our “flight” (for which we don’t have confirmed seats) kept getting delayed. The 8:45 PM scheduled departure turned into 10:45 PM. Then finally a 12:45 AM departure was announced. We were thrilled when we were issued boarding passes and took our seats near the very back of the plane.

Shortly before takeoff, the flight attendant said that the pilot wanted to even out the weight and asked if we would be willing to move to the first class seats in front. Of course we would! So we got nice large seats in the first row. However we slept (or tried) sleeping most of the flight so we didn’t really enjoy the upgrade.

We finally arrive at the Moline airport around 3:20 AM. We wait and wait and wait at baggage claim hoping to get our luggage. After 20 or 30 minutes the last bags were unloaded with ours nowhere in sight. So we get in Grandma’s car and head home.

Everyone, including Grandma, was hungry. So we decided to have breakfast before going to bed.

By the time we get to bed it is nearly 5 AM Monday morning! Remember we left home Saturday afternoon. The eight or nine-hour travel turned into 40 hours!

But we were thankful to make it safely. Later Monday morning, Tim went on line to track the luggage and to provide a delivery address. It looked like our bag (still containing all of our clothes and toiletries) wouldn’t make it until Tuesday morning. However we were pleasantly surprised went it showed up Monday evening around 9 PM.


Jill and Chris Pau’s Wedding

On Saturday, June 15th, 2019, Jill and Chris were married at an outdoor ceremony in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Tim, Jeri, and Grandma Pau flew from Moline (via Detroit). Mavis and her husband, Greg, drove from Columbus, Ohio. We all stayed at a nice Airbnb house in the country.

The weather was cool and windy on Friday. However we woke up Saturday morning to a bright and sunny day. The property was large and had a creek flowing out back.

Out behind the Airbnb cottage where we stayed
Creek running behind the property
Out by the creek. Click photo for full size.

Being out in the country, there were no fast-food places near by for lunch. So after a little online research, we drove to Mama’s Boy Burgers in Tannersville. (They had veggie burgers for the non-meat eaters.)

Here we are waiting for our food.

Waiting for lunch at Mama’s Boy Burgers. Click photo for full size.


Eating our burgers. Click photo for full size.

Here we are after lunch.

After lunch at Mama’s Boy Burgers

Back at the house, we get ready to head to the wedding.

Looking out the over the living room and dining area. Click photo for full size.

A selfie out on the back deck.

Kiss selfie. Click photo for full size.
Jeri and Tim with Greg, Grandma, and Mavis behind. Click photo for full size.

They had a creative way of letting people know their table assignments.

The actual ceremony was short and sweet.

Chris and Jill’s outdoor wedding

Family photo of the Pau side. From left to right, Gerald and Femma Lo, Christina Pai, Shannon Pai , Jonathan Pai (holding their son, Sebastian), Mavis, Betty, Greg Harris, Cyrilla, Vivian Pai, Michael, Jeri, and Tim.

The Pau side of the wedding

Looking out from the barn while Jill’s side of the family gets their picture taken.

Jeri looking out from the barn at the family picture taking
Just outside of the barn after wedding

The dinner following the wedding was in the barn and was very nicely done. The tables were beautifully decorated. Each guest had his or her name carved out of wood and placed on the table.

Tim and Jeri place setting.

Here is Grandma Pau and Aunt Vivian Pai after dinner.

Grandma Pau and Aunt Vivian

They had live music after the meal.

Live music after dinner
Inside of the barn after the wedding. Click photo for full size.

We get a selfie with the bride and groom.

Jill, Jeri, Chris, and Tim

Here is a video collage of the day.


Jason and Hannah’s Wedding Shower

Today after church, we had a faith-dish luncheon (a.k.a. pot luck) followed by a wedding shower for Jason and Hannah.

One of the activities was “Guess their ages.” We set out seven photos of Jason and seven of Hannah from baby to recent. Each participant then guessed the age for each photo.

Joanna, Jason, Hannah, and Jeri setting out the pictures. Click photo for full size.

Josiah and some of the other young boys enjoy playing with Nerf guns after church. They have built a “fort” in the corner of the fellowship hall.

Joshua and Josiah guarding their fort with Nerf guns. Click photo for full size.

The tables were nicely decorated and had various photos of the couple.

Hannah and Jason times two. Click photo for full size.

Hannah, Jason, Lizzie, and Victoria before the shower.

Hannah, Jason, Lizzie, and Victoria. Click photo for full size.

The special couple had the privilege of going through the lunch line first…with the rest of the family following.

Jason and Hannah getting food with Joanna, Jeri, Victoria, and Nicole following. Click photo for full size.

Jason took a group selfie of our table.

Eating lunch at the Wedding Shower. Click photo for full size.

Tim and Jeri.

Tim and Jeri at Jason and Hannah’s Wedding Shower. Click photo for full size.

Nicole and Victoria watching the Newlywed Game.

Nicole and Victoria during the Newlywed Game. Click photo for full size.

Jeffrey served as the game show host.

Jeffrey MCing the Newlywed Game. Click photo for full size.

Joanna assisted Jeffrey (together they worked on the questions the night before). Lizzie assisted by playing music (from Jeopardy) while the contestants worked on their answers.

Jeffrey as Master of Ceremonies of the Newlywed Game, Joanna his assistant, and Lizzie the music engineer. Click photo for full size.

Here is Hannah and Jason with matching answers of “necklace” to the question, “What was the guy’s first gift to the girl?”

Hannah and Jason sharing their answers. Click photo for full size.

Each couple had to sit back-to-back so they couldn’t see their partner’s answers.

Katrina, Hannah, and Jason playing the Newlywed Game. Click photo for full size.

Here is a nice picture taken using Tim’s new Pixel 3a phone using its Portrait mode.

Maureen and Sarah. Click photo for full size.

Another matching picture of the couple.

Jason and Hannah times two again. Click photo for full size.

Opening presents.

Jason and Hannah opening presents assisted by Joanna. Click photo for full size.

Here Hannah is opening a card.

Hannah opening a card. Click photo for full size.

Another nice picture using the Pixel 3a phone.

Jason and Hannah. Click photo for full size.
Soon-to-be Mr and Mrs. Click photo for full size.

After the shower, they came back to the Pau house and relaxed.

Jason and Hannah after the Wedding Shower. Click photo for full size.