Josiah’s Lego Gun (plus some limericks)

Starting with a book that has Lego gun designs, Josiah built a gun that shoots rubber bands. However the design in the book required a certain spring that Josiah didn’t have. So he used his creativity and modified the design to get it to work using pieces that he did have. So now he has a semi-automatic rubber band gun that can shoot up to five or six rubber bands.

Josiah had to write a limerick for school. So Tim wrote a limerick.
The lad was the youngest of nine.
His Legos were a favorite pastime.
To shoot rubber bands,
He built with his hands
A Lugar, not a rifle or carbine.

One more limerick by Tim.
Made masks on our sewing machine
As they work to find a vaccine.
So we maintain our six feet
And take walks down the street
Until we say “Bye” to Covid 19.