Weston’s Get-together

Kevin and Darlene Weston and their children drove out from Kansas to visit family and friends. On the night before their drive back, we invited all of the Weston clan along with the Ouatu family to our house for a get-together.

Here are some photos from the evening.

Josiah and the Weston children building with Duplos
Christeen, Reuben, and Lorna
Stephen, Bill, Reuben, and Robin
Jason, Evelyn, and Tim
Victoria, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Sarah
Three Weston boys – James, Adam, and Levi
Jeri and Cris
Lizzie and Christeen
Josh, Christeen, Lizzie, Victoria, Gabriella, and Cris
Around the table
Hannah, Jason, Kevin, Stephen, Johnny, Andrew, Josh, and Jeffrey
Christeen along with two boys shooting Nerf guns
Nerf battle in the parking lot
Darlene, Robin, and Bill
William and Josiah
Lorna and Addy
Jeri and Tim
Singing hymns
Hannah playing piano for the hymn sing
Playing a card game, Dutch Blitz
Lizzie, Hannah, Jeffrey, Johnny, Christeen, Andrew, and Josh
Stephen, Bill and Kevin
Hannah and Jason
Robin and Bill
Stephen, Lorna, and Reuben

Here is the Kevin Weston family. They have two twin boys, Adam and James. Because we’re not sure who is who in this photo, the caption might be incorrect.

Darlene, Kevin and Adam, Levi, James, Philip, William, Addy

Here is a short (two-minute) video collage of the evening.