NYC Trip

Arriving in NYC

The flight was uneventful. JetBlue is nice! Plenty of legroom, free entertainment including movies, variety of snacks and drinks.

Nicole waiting in the Long Beach Airport. Click photo for full size.
Nicole waiting in the Long Beach Airport. Click photo for full size.

I was feeling nauseated when arrived at JFK. So we stopped for food. We found a salad bar. As we were eating we realized that we hadn’t picked up our checked bag! So we packed up our food and headed to baggage claim. Obviously our bag wasn’t still on the carousel since it had been a while.

We finally found baggage services and hoped that our bag would be found. Thoughts of buying toiletries and a new wardrobe crossed my mind. Thankfully our bag was there.

Next began the adventure to take the train system to the apartment. We took one train line (AirTrain) out of JFK. Then a different one to the apartment (Long Island Railroad). Each train line has its own pass.

We could have also used the subway to get to the apartment (which is what Google advised). Then we could purchased and started our seven day subway pass.

Now we know all these things. But about an hour and a half ago we were SO confused. We walked around one station several times…asking for help and getting conflicting answers.

I was tempted to get frustrated but I remembered to give thanks for the various trials. James 1.

Tomorrow begins our NYC adventure!