Hacked by Queen Photobomber!

Mwuahahahahahahaha. I hacked it! Just kidding. But, I am going to post some more pictures from when our cousins were here. And since I’m not very good with words, I’ll just…show the pictures…? (Picture credit goes to Sebastian.)


Mom’s hair. *eyebrow wiggle* (And I managed to get Sebastian’s hands in it too.)


Waiting in line to get sourdough bread! 🙂


My angry face. Beware of dog-er…girl.


Yep. I got dragged(literally got dragged) into getting onto the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride. (Equivalent of the Space Shot. Except safer.)


Admire Jessica…and Sebastian’s wonderful watch.


Not exactly sure what Jessica was doing…


Needless to say, they fell down.


Grizzle Falls! (Not actually called that, but it sounded appropriate.)


On the bus! (Don’t mind the blur. 😀 )


Awesome pose Jessie…


Not exactly sure what Bubba(Josiah) was looking at. But I managed to photo bomb. (Yes, I am boss.)


So attractive Jess. 😀 😀 😀

And that concludes the picture poat(A.K.A. post). As you can probably tell, the pictures are not, in the slightest bit, chronological. 😀

Annnnnnnnd so…bye! *waves* 🙂







Nicole and Lizzie. Love the selfie.



Long Long Post

2014-07-23 14.36.02


Left to Right: Victoria, Jeffrey, Lizzie, Nicole, Sarah, and Bubba Chubba. (A.K.A. Josiah.)

2014-07-23 14.40.33


Josiah and Mom, waiting for the plane. (Fun fun.)(And the stupid heads are getting cut off.)

2014-07-24 06.24.08

MILO! In the sink.

2014-07-25 22.01.33

Aunt Mavis, Christopher Pau, Uncle Micheal, and Aunt Cyrilla.

2014-07-26 09.06.56

This is us, (Joanna, Jeffrey, Jason, Lizzie, Sarah,Victoria, and Josiah.) hanging around in the sun room.

2014-07-26 09.07.51

Grandma Stogdill in the back, with Uncle Greg and Jessica eating breakfast.

2014-07-26 09.08.28

Sebastian, Daddy, (Grandma Pau is hiding behind Dad and Aunt Mavis.) Nicole, Mom, and Josiah.

2014-07-26 09.09.00


This time there is, Sebastian, Dad, Justin, Grandma Pau, Aunt Mavis, Nicole, Mom, and Josiah in the front.

2014-07-27 16.29.29

Time to freak out Sarah. XD

2014-08-02 08.50.44

Mrs. McCann and Victoria having pancakes at Cracker Barrel, while I stayed home because I was dizzy. (I was a dizzy Lizzie. 😀 )

2014-08-02 13.19.54

This was when Josiah was sick. (Yes he was the first one to get sick. Any surprise?)

2014-08-03 13.49.47

Ugh, my smile…. 😛 Anyway, that is me, (Lizzie) Victoria, Josiah, and you can kind of see Grandma Stogdill.

2014-08-03 13.49.56

Picture of Victoria, Josiah, Grandma Stogdill, and Nicole.

2014-08-03 14.57.35

King of the House (In the sink getting a drink of water.)

2014-08-03 14.57.46

Side view of the King of the House.

2014-08-04 08.58.48

Fluff Ball Fluff Ball

2014-08-05 13.04.49

This is when I was sick, and taking a nap. (No this was not staged, I have no idea when Mom took it. At least I’m assuming Mom did.)

2014-08-05 16.50.43

Victoria and Nicole in line at HuHot waiting for their food. 😀

2014-08-05 16.50.17

The best picture of the year. 😀 😀 😀 ( Nicole, Victoria, and a photo bomber called Josiah.)

2014-08-05 16.51.46


Victoria, Nicole, Grandma Stogdill (Hiding in the back.) Rachel hiding her face, Josiah doing something or other, and Lizzie, with a crocheted flower in her hair, and you can purchase those by contacting her at, . (Sorry for the advertisement. 😀 ) (No I’m not sorry. XD )

2014-08-06 09.09.42

Victoria, trying to restrain a photobomber. (Thank you Rachel.) *_*

2014-08-06 09.18.21

Victoria and Josiah are off to the side, doing who knows what, and me doing the classic, “Pau” grin. 😀 Rachel is unaware of the picture, and Nicole is stealing Rachel’s coffee, nonchalantly. 😀

2014-08-06 09.19.33


Victoria photo bombing. (I was actually trying to show Josiah talking to all of the ladies. Without hesitation.)

2014-08-06 09.20.26

That face……

2014-08-07 08.05.29

Selfie by Mom.

2014-08-07 09.25.33

Out in Iowa, bacon is a big thing. They even have bacon cotton candy. 😀

2014-08-07 09.28.21

Nurse Lizzie. In the food department.

2014-08-07 09.47.10

I have no idea where this was. But it looks like a cannon. And Josiah.

2014-08-07 09.48.59

A horse. (?) And Josiah.

2014-08-07 10.10.12

I have no interest in stinky cows. But Victoria and Josiah are in the picture. So it’s postable.

2014-08-07 10.12.10

Bubsy and Rachel.

2014-08-07 10.13.51

What on earth is he doing……*Looks away in disgust*

2014-08-07 10.35.52

Rachel drawing a picture about what she likes about farming.

2014-08-07 10.36.28

And me drawing a picture about what I like about farming. (Corn, Pigs, and Barns.)

2014-08-07 10.37.38

Victoria and I are totally unaware of this picture being taken.

2014-08-07 10.39.43


2014-08-07 10.43.45

Yes, he is wearing my hoody.

2014-08-07 10.53.38

Treadmill time.

2014-08-07 10.53.55

Rachel on the treadmill.

2014-08-07 10.54.42

Me on the treadmill.

2014-08-07 10.59.06

Noah’s ark.

2014-08-07 11.24.21

Table time, when we finally met up.

2014-08-07 11.33.08

Since Rachel forgot a jacket, we shared mine. (And only bonked heads once! :D)

2014-08-07 11.43.17

We are on a train!! A wooden one.

2014-08-07 12.34.30

We have our game faces on. Or more like I have my pout face on. 😀 😀 😀

2014-08-07 12.34.21

Happy face. Well, Rachel hasn’t changed much. (Check out her huge corn dog.)

2014-08-07 12.44.09

Victoria, Rachel, Josiah, Lizzie, and Nicole.

2014-08-07 15.28.54

Our bored faces, well…Nicole looks happy. And Josiah is trying to hide. I think.

And that’s all for today folks, remember, God made you special, and He loves you very much. Goodbye!

(Tell me if you get the reference.) 😀

Next time I’ll be posting pictures from Nicole’s phone. Then Victoria’s, then mine. And repeat process.





A Beach Outing~

Sunday, March 9, 2014, some of us, (“Us” meaning, Mom, Justin, Jason, Victoria, Josiah, and me/Lizzie.) went to the beach. Why? Because some of us actually like going to the beach to get some fresh, (And fishy smelling.) air. Justin and I thought it was a good idea, and I guess the others did to. (Or maybe they went because we were going to Menchie’s afterwards.)

Here are some pictures from the trip.

IMG_7215 elizabeth and jason beach
Jason and Lizzie (Me.), not aware of the wave behind us. I got knocked down, and got soaked. Just kidding.


IMG_7214 mom and elizabeth
Mom and Lizzie (Still me.), having fun getting soaked.

And those of you in Iowa, (I’m aiming this at Jonathan. :D) are so jealous. XD Hehehe.


An All New Site!

Check it out, very tacky, but I’m only thirteen so don’t be picky.

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