Wii Party U

We bought Mario Kart 8 and, as our free bonus, got Wii Party U. We had four options for our free game. We weren’t sure which to choose but we ended up getting Wii Party U…mostly because it would be one that us “non-gamers” like Mom and I would play. Turns out that there are […]

Life Story of Ian Thomas Pau

This is what I shared at my dad’s funeral. Tim Pau (son) I’d like to share some of my dad’s life story. This won’t be exhaustive but I’ll be including a few family stories and highlight some of the challenges that my dad faced and overcame. His Early Years My dad was born on July […]

O.C.C. Evening Chat – Disney

Saturday evening (May 17th, 2014), Sarah sang in Orange Coast College’s “Evening Chat.” The theme was Disney and the all of the songs were taken from various Disney films. Sarah sang “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2. The song is sung from the perspective of the doll Jessie who was once loved by […]