A Birthday Visit to Disneyland

Tim was able to take a personal day off from work to celebrate Jeri’s birthday (a day late). Nicole, Victoria, Elizabeth, and Josiah joined us. However after a few hours, Nicole wasn’t feeling well so she and Victoria went home.

We enjoyed the new Radiator Springs Racer in California Adventure’s Cars Land. We made it through the park gates a few minutes before the official opening time of 9:00 AM. Tim immediately got in the (already-long) line to get FastPass tickets to the Radiator Springs Racer ride.

The weather was very nice…clear skies with a high around 72 F. The park wasn’t crowded. A few of the popular rides had wait times over 30 minutes. But for those, we used FastPasses. Most of our wait times were five to 10 minutes; a few were as long as 20 minutes. So we got to do a lot of stuff.

We saw a few shows with the last one, the Candlelight Christmas Processional, being absolutely FANTASTIC! The quality of the production (stage, scenery, sound, lighting, etc.) was first-class Disney. We enjoyed in immensely.

Afterwards, we did Astroblasters. Our family nicknamed it BLAB for Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters). A person in a wheelchair got on the ride shortly after we did; this enabled us to rack up some serious points while the ride was paused. Here are our results. Elizabeth was the winner (but only by a little).

Elizabeth gets high score honors. Click for larger image.
Jeri and Josiah. Click for larger image.

Christmas Open House 2012

Dear Friends. Stop by any time on Saturday, December 8th, from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We will have outdoor and indoor games plus refreshments and fun. (If you’d like, bring your something to share.)

You can RSVP by leaving a comment below.


Backpacking in Sequoia National Park

At the end of September 2012, Tim and Jason went to Sequoia National Park for an “adventure.” Tim wrote about the trip on his blog.



Looking Up at Tim and Jason Pau in Front of General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park.
Click to enlarge

Miramar Air Show 2012

On Saturday (Oct. 13, 2012), six of us went to the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California (near San Diego) to see the 2012 air show. Jeri, Justin, Nicole, Jeffrey, Josiah, and myself (Tim) made the 80-mile trip.

Although I knew that the drive would take a while, I was amazed at the volume of traffic on I-5 both southbound (our direction) and northbound. We left our house at 10:20 AM and after a quick stop to pick up a couple of bagels, we were on the Interstate by 10:30 AM. The drive was stop-and-go most of the way.

Around 1 PM, we arrived at Miramar. However it took us another half an hour to make it into the base and to a parking spot. Then we had to walk about 20 minutes from the parking area to the show.

Here we are watching, the AV-8B Harrier perform its vertical take-off and landing demonstration.

Nicole, Justin, Jeffrey, and Jeri at Mira Mar Airshow
Nicole, Justin, Jeffrey, and Jeri at Miramar Airshow

Of course, the Blue Angels were fantastic! Except for Josiah (who wasn’t born at the time), we had seen the Blue Angels before at the Quad City Air Show back when we lived in Rock Island, Illinois. They never cease to amaze. I was most impressed when the six Blue Angels started from six different directions and they all crossed at the same time in front of us!

Tim and Josiah at Miramar Airshow
Tim and Josiah at Miramar Airshow

The afternoon show ended around 4 PM. Then we looked at the various ground displays. Here’s Josiah with a Marine Captain who has flown the Cobra helicopter in battles in Afghanistan.

Marine Captain and Josiah In Front of Cobra Helicopter
Marine Captain and Josiah In Front of Cobra Helicopter

We stayed for the evening show. The best part was F/A-18 afterburner passes. We left before the fireworks show. The drive back home was fast; we made it from the air show parking lot to our house in less than 90 minutes.