Big Bear Vacation – Day 1

We drove four vehicles to Big Bear. Jason, Hannah, and Josiah went in Jason’s truck. Jeffrey took Sarah and Lizzie in his car. Nicole drove Joanna’s car and took Victoria. Tim, Jeri, and Justin drove the Honda Civic.

During the drive up the mountain (Big Bear is around 7,000 feet elevation), Tim noticed the Civic was sometimes hard to up and down shift between third and fourth gears. At one point, he had couldn’t get it into third and a line of traffic started building up behind. One car even honked.

Fortunately he was able to finally get it into third and decided to leave it third gear. Around 4:30 PM as we approached the small town of Running Springs (population less than 5,000), we needed a bathroom break. We pulled off and coasted into a parking spot of a small grocery store.

We couldn’t get the car started. Jeri went to the NAPA Auto Parts store that was next door and asked about auto mechanics. The guy said that there were two in town but that they closed at 5:00 PM. Now it is about 10 to 15 minutes until 5.

One of the garages is just a block away. So Tim runs over and asks about our car. The mechanic said that if we could get it there that he would take a look.

Back at the car, Tim figured out that the clutch wasn’t releasing. So we rolled back out of the parking spot. He started the car with the brakes off…the car lurched forward and started!

Once at the garage, our car was diagnosed with a busted clutch. We unloaded our luggage and called Jeffrey who was already at the house. Jeffrey made the 45-minute drive through windy roads to pick us up. And then he took us back.

Our Honda Civic needing a new clutch in Running Springs. Click for full size.

The Airbnb house was very nicely furnished. Here is Tim and Jeri with two “towel bears.”

Tim and Jeri with two bears. Click for full size.

Here is Hannah and Josiah playing air hockey.

Hannah and Josiah playing air hockey. Click for full size.