Big Bear Vacation – Day 2

We relaxed at the house on our first full day of vacation. Because it was hot and dry outside, we waited until later in the day to head out. Justin didn’t feel up to going with us.

Our first stop was the boardwalk at Big Bear Lake. The girls enjoyed dressing up and taking pictures.

Lizzie taking Sarah’s picture on the Big Bear Lake Boardwalk
Jeri and Tim at Azteca Grill
Lizzie, Sarah, Nicole, and Joanna on the Boardwalk
Jeri and Tim near the Big Bear Lake Boardwalk
Selfie of all of the ladies
Jason, Hannah, and baby near the Big Bear Lake Boardwalk
Lizzie and Sarah on the Boardwalk

After the boardwalk, we went to Azteca Grill in Big Bear. Because they were busy, we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table. Fortunately they were able to seat us all together.

Because we were there on a Tuesday night, they had live music featuring Mike Cross. We found him very entertaining (and left some cash in his tip jar). And although the food took forever to arrive, we didn’t mind the wait. And we certainly enjoyed the food!

Victoria, Hannah, Jason, and Joanna at Azteca Grill
Jeri and Tim at Azteca Grill

They were very accommodating. Jeri and Tim asked for a veggie burrito to be fried like an enchilada. Half red sauce; half green sauce.

Veggie (Burrito) Enchilada at Azteca Grill
Josiah, Lizzie, and Victoria at Azteca Grill
Sarah, Nicole, and Jeffrey at Azteca Grill

One of the songs that Mike Cross sang was “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. The official lyrics include these lines: “Hands, touching hands, Reaching out, touching me, touching you.”

He changed it to a PSA (Public Service Announcement) version: “Hands, sanitized hands, Reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”

Mike Cross performing at Azteca Grill

Here’s a short one-minute video of the day.