Big Bear Vacation – Day 3

We relaxed at the house on our first full day of vacation. Around 4:30 PM, Tim, Jeri, Sarah, and Justin drive back to Running Springs to pick up the Civic with its new clutch.

After picking up the car, the plan was to hike to near by Keller Peak (which we visited during our Lake Arrowhead vacation previously). However we discovered that the road to the peak was closed due to a fire the previous week. So instead of driving up to the peak, it would be a five-mile hike. “No bueno!”

So we called back to the house to tell them the change of plans. After some indecision, Jeffrey took charge and said that he was going to Castle Rock Trail. We were concerned that there wouldn’t be any parking and that we would have to walk along the busy highway for a while.

However we were all able to find parking spots very close to the trail head (the place where the trail starts)!

The goal was to get up high enough to get some good sunset pictures. That didn’t happen. But we did (mostly) enjoy the hike. Josiah was suffering a bit with his sore foot. Although she was over seven months pregnant, Hannah made it.

The hike was over a mile up with an elevation gain of over 800 feet.

Here are some pictures.

Sarah on the Castle Rock trail
Joanna and Hannah on the Castle Rock Trail
Tim helping Josiah hike with his sore foot
Hannah, Josiah, Jeri, and Tim on Castle Rock Trail overlooking Big Bear Lake

Sunset was a little after 8 PM. Now at the top, we had to hike the mile plus back down. By the time we get to the bottom, it’s getting pretty dark.

Jeri helping Josiah down Castle Rock Trail
Joanna and Sarah taking pictures
Sarah taking a picture as the sun sets over Big Bear Lake
Flower on Castle Rock Trail with Josiah and Jeri in the background
Tim and Jeri coming down Castle Rock Trail

We finally made it back to the house after 9 PM. So we place our online order for Domino’s Pizza (around 9:40 PM). And wait. And wait. And wait.

The supposed 30-minute delivery turned out to be about an hour later. Apparently the delivery guy confused our address on “San Martin Circle” with the one “San Martin Street”. The pizza didn’t arrive until about 10:45 PM. So needless to say, we ate late.

Dominos Pizza at home after the hike