Big Bear Vacation – Day 6

Once again, we start the day with a big, late breakfast.

Jason and Hannah in the kitchen

Josiah was covered with bed bug bites over most of his body. So after the first few nights, we moved him out of his bedroom and informed the owner. Fortunately, he didn’t get any more bites and he gradually recovered.

Josiah with bed bug bites

Jeffrey bought and brought a bunch of meat to grill during our vacation.

Hannah, Jeffrey, and Jason getting the next barbecue ready

A few years ago, Nicole gave Tim his first Lego set. It was of New York City and had the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flat Iron Building, and the Freedom Tower. So finally Tim (with some help from Jeri) put it together.

Here’s a time-lapse video condensing the two-plus hours into 4+ minutes. A few times, Josiah would come over look at the instructions and immediately start putting the pieces together. Whereas Tim had to methodically identify the correct pieces and figure out how to assemble them.

Watching TV (when we could get it to connect) included food shows, Korean dramas, and (clean) stand-up comedians.

Watching TV

Jeffrey periodically tended the grill.

Jeri, Lizzie, Jason (back), Victoria, Hannah, and Tim in Pine Knot Village in Big Bear
Jeri, Victoria, and Sarah on Pine Knot Ave

For supper, we picked up some food in Pine Knot Village (including a top-rated poke place) and brought it home to eat.

Tim, Justin, Josiah, Jeri, Joanna, and Nicole

Some of the Age of Empire (video game) players enjoyed watching recorded matches of top players.

Some are watching an Age of Empires match

A short video compilation of the photos.