Carnival Imagination Day 1

Back in September, Tim found a cruise deal that was too hard to resist…$36 per person per night! The total for four days of fun was just under $600. That is all-inclusive for lodging, food, entertainment, taxes, port fees, and gratuities!

On Saturday, Justin and Josiah dropped us off at the cruise terminal in Long Beach. It’s about a 30-minute drive from our house…SO convenient!!! Short lines made check-in painless…unlike last year with Princess Cruises when we had to wait for an hour or more in the (September) heat.

Bon Voyage on the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

Our room was on the lowest cabin level (Deck 4) and towards the front (three rooms back). The room had a slight smoke smell but it was better after I opened the air vent to get better circulation. The room didn’t have a thermostat…so the temperature was what it was. Although it was cool (we’re guessing 68 F), the down comforter kept us warm at night. Other than bedtime, we didn’t spend much time in our room.

On top of the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

The ship, Carnival Imagination, was smaller than the Crown Princess which we were on last year. We could definitely feel the ship gently rocking. Fortunately we never felt seasick at all. Also given our room location, we could hear and feel the forward engines when the captain turned the ship around to get into or out of port.

At 4:45 PM was the mandatory safety drill. Although it was only 30 minutes long, it seemed to take forever.

Next we explored the ship and then headed to dinner around 6:00 PM. They had two vegetarian entrees. Jeri had the Indian dish which had several smaller dishes: one with beans, one with potatoes, creamed mushrooms and peas, basmati rice, fried flat bread, and more. Tim had the Crispy Portobello Mushrooms which were slices of portobello with a thin layer of spinach, then batter dipped and fried and topped with a sauce. Excellent! Also we each got a side of steamed broccoli and enjoyed a basket of bread and butter.

For dessert, Jeri got the Hazelnut Tiramisu and Tim got the Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake. The latter is very chocolatey…the cake is at the top with the bottom of the dish being more like a hot chocolate sauce. It is served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. We shared with each other. Overall an enjoyable meal!

Hazelnut Tiramisu. Click photo for full size.
Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake. Click photo for full size.

After dinner, we wandered the ship and caught part of the “Hasbro, The Game Show” in the Dynasty Lounge. We didn’t stay up for the music and dance production. We noticed that the entertainment was geared more for the younger crowd than compared to last year’s Princess cruise.

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