Carnival Imagination Day 3 – Ensenada Shopping Story

Here we are on the main shopping drag, Avenida Adolfo López Mateos.

Shopping on Avenida Adolfo López Mateos. Click photo for full size.

Here’s one memorable story from our day in Ensenada. First of all most of the shops are small with lots of items packed onto display racks. There were a few “real” jewelry stores…ones that only sold jewelry and that actually looked like a jewelry store with display cabinets and bright “diamond” lights shining on the rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Like many places, this jewelry store had someone out front who was smiling and calling to us (and others) as we walked by, “Mis amigos, come in and see our great deals!” Because shopping was our game, we took the bait.

The sales guy took us inside and began showing us some different stones. Some were pretty cool and would change colors under different lights. To get an idea of pricing (we figured that it would be high), we asked about a certain ring. He had to get his calculator (to convert pesos to dollars, I presume). It came out to over $400! Whoa! That’s way too much! Not our exact words but something to that effect.

A morganite ring (this isn’t the actual ring that we saw)

After more looking, he showed us a ring that Jeri kind of liked. We asked the price. He gets his calculator, does a little math, and tells us “$290.” “That’s too much,” we tell him. “We’re not looking to spend that much.” He asks, “How much can you are you looking to pay?” Even though he asked us this question several times, we never give him an answer. So he comes down to $200.

We’re still talking about it. Although Jeri likes the ring, we tell him “No” again. His next price is $150. At this point, he tells Tim, “Stop being so Mexican on me.” (He’s referring to him playing hard ball on the price.) Next he comes down to $140. We give him our final “No” and start walking out. He calls out, “$120.” Tim answers “No” as we continue walking. He follows us out the store and calls to us on the sidewalk saying that his best price is “$100.” “Sorry but no” was our answer.

An hour or so later, we happen to be walking by the same store again and the same sales guy is out front. “Ninety dollars!” he calls out. “Sorry but no” as we continue walking.

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