Carnival Imagination Day 3 – Ensenada

We relaxed in the morning. Our only plans for our day in Ensenada were to get off the ship and shop. Offshore excursions like we did last year are definitely fun but relaxing is rewarding too.

Unlike at Catalina Island, our ship actually docked so we could simply get our cruise card scanned and walk off of the ship. Carnival (just like Princess and I’m sure other cruise lines) was always taking our pictures for free. You only pay if you decide to purchase them. As we disembarked at Ensenada, we were greeted by parrots and photographers. These pictures were fun so we actually purchased them.

Jeri with a parrot. Click photo for full size.
Tim with a parrot. Click photo for full size.

The weather was nice…sunny with an afternoon high near 70. Here’s a selfie after we disembarked.

Next to the Carnival Imagination in Ensenada. Click photo for full size.

The first thing that we noticed was this HUGE Mexican flag.

Jeri and Tim in Ensenada close to the flag. Click photo for full size.
Huge Mexican flag in Ensenada. Click photo for full size.

Here’s a picture of a portion of a fish market. The entire market was quite large. The prices were pesos per kilogram. If my math is correct, 100 pesos per kg (as seen in the picture) would be about $2 a pound. The conversion rate that day was around 21 pesos per dollar.

Fish Market. Click photo for full size.

We didn’t really know where we were going but a local guy directed us to the main tourist shopping street. So we wandered in and out of various shops. Inexpensive, pretty, Mexican-made jewelry was everywhere. So we had fun picking out gifts for Jeri and our girls. There were dozens and dozens of shops and restaurants all packed in several blocks. Besides jewelry, these shops sold clothing, hats, toys, leather goods, wind chimes, wood carvings, hammocks, stone art, and much more. A lot of interesting stuff!

We saw a number of guys making and selling wrist bands with your name on them. They can make the bands very quickly.

Guy making and selling name wrist bands. Click photo for full size.

We bought a pair of earrings from this guy…he was really nice.

Buying jewelry. Click photo for full size.

After a few hours of shopping, we walked back to the ship for lunch. After eating, we returned to finish our shopping. (Today was an ideal day for Jeri: sleep in, eat, shop, eat, shop, eat again.)

After lunch on the ship. Click photo for full size.

Here’s Jeri next to a clothing vendor. Note the NFL gear on the left. Lots of places sold stuff with NFL branding…I doubt that it was “official.” Note the “John Deere” tractor shirts on the right…it is “Juan’s Deere” and it’s a donkey. LOL!

Juan’s Deere. Click photo for full size.

Here’s picture of our ship at port in Ensenada.

The Carnival Imagination docked in Ensenada. Click photo for full size.

You can really see how big the flag is from this picture taken on the top deck of the ship.

Jeri on the ship looking back towards Ensenada. Click photo for full size.

At 5:00 PM back on the ship, we caught the Magic Mystery Show. The magician was a mentalist. He “guessed” the number on a die for two ladies. Then he “guessed” one of the ladies phone numbers. Next he had five random people draw five random, simple pictures. He couldn’t see who drew what. Starting with one picture, he would ask each person, “Did you draw this picture?” He told them in advance that whether or not they drew the picture, they were to answer him with “No.” He successfully identified the artist for each of the pictures. Finally he did some escape tricks–first from some chains and finally from a straight-jacket.

Magic Mystery Show on the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

Supper was a relaxing hour. For appetizers, we each got two vegetable spring rolls…hot and fried to perfection. (Sorry Hong Kong Express. Although yours are bigger, they aren’t as good.) We also shared a cold mango soup.

Vegetable spring rolls. Click photo for full size.

For entrees, Jeri got the vegetable lasagna; Tim got the Indian dish which was similar but slightly different from the Indian dish that Jeri got on the first night of our cruise.

Vegetable lasagna. Click photo for full size.

For dessert, Jeri had blueberry pie a la mode along with a cup of decaf coffee. Tim had the S’mores Parfait.

Blueberry pie a la mode. Click photo for full size.
S’mores Parfait. Click photo for full size.

We always enjoy sitting down for dinner, ordering from a menu, and enjoying the meal…all at a very leisurely pace. As we continued relaxing after we were done eating, Jeri realized that it was 7:20 PM. The comedy show starts in just 10 minutes! So we delay heading to our room to brush our teeth and went straight to the Xanadu Lounge for the show.

Jaylyn Bishop was SO funny! She shared funny stories related to shopping in Ensenada (which we could totally relate to). She shared stories about being in the movie “San Andreas” with the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and getting star struck and forgetting her lines. She also did a great impression of President Obama. Her final segment on eating on a cruise ship and then having to use the bathroom was hilarious…we were laughing so hard that our stomachs were hurting! What fun!

Jaylyn Bishop in the Punchliner Comedy Club. Click photo for full size.

Jerome did a second comedy show (also PG-rated) at 9:15 PM. We thought that he was funnier this time than when we heard him the previous night. He had a segment on how different races and religions would stop Dracula or Godzilla. He finished with a very nice Michael Jackson impression…complete with the hat, hair, white “glove” (actually a white sock), and moon walk.

Jerome as Michael Jackson. Click photo for full size.

The towel animal of the day was a frog.

Frog on our bed. Click photo for full size.

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