Carnival Imagination Day 4 – At Sea

Once again we were in bed until 8:00 AM or so. By the time we had each taken a shower and gotten ready, the time was after 9:00 AM.

We eat at the buffet…trying not to eat too much so we can eat lunch before 2:00 PM for the first time on our cruise. After breakfast, we spend some time looking at the photos that Carnival had taken of us.

Here we are in the Dynasty Lounge.

In the Dynasty Lounge on the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

At 11:00 AM was the disembarkation session to learn what we have to do tomorrow when we get off of the ship. This was followed by the Military Appreciation Gathering to honor those service members. It was quite moving especially at the end when an elderly black man who served in Vietnam shared about losing his buddies in the war and then the disrespect when coming home. He shared about his family’s heritage of serving in the military and his great love of America.

Here’s a group photo that Alex, our cruise director, posted on Facebook. The black veteran is about a third of the way in on the right side of the picture wearing a white cap and a black and white striped shirt. Tim is just behind him with his hand raised. Jeri is on Tim’s left.

Military Appreciation Gathering on the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

After the gathering, we finalized our photo purchases. Because Jeri did celebrate her birthday on the ship, Carnival gave her one small photo for free.

Next up was little walk around the ship in preparation for lunch. We skipped the hot foods and just enjoyed a green salad plus a number of their tasty cold salads. Tim really enjoyed their pesto pasta salad.

Lunch at the buffet. Click photo for full size.

Today was when Carnival has their Chocolate Extravaganza! Plenty of chocolate desserts especially cakes. Yum!

Jeri’s dessert selection. Click photo for full size.

Here’s Tim standing next to the desserts.

Tim at the dessert bar. Click photo for full size.

We couldn’t resist taking another silly picture after lunch.

Silly picture in the Lido Restaurant buffet. Click photo for full size.

At 2:30 PM, we joined in the Q & A session with Alex and two other crew members. We enjoyed hearing their stories…like working every day for the duration of your contract (two to 10 months), then getting a few months off. Alex, our cruise director, likes to go backpacking in various countries during his breaks. He shared about being in Japan in a hot tub springs spa (no clothes allowed in the water) with a man who was fighter pilot for Japan at Pearl Harbor.

Alex taking questions. Click photo for full size.

Afterwards we sat down to read and write (this journal). We walked around and then rested in our room for 20 minutes or so.

Here we are up high on the ship.

Up on high on the Carnival Imagination. Click photo for full size.

At 5:00 PM was the Holiday Show which featured Christmas music with live singers and dancers but with (high quality) recorded music. Kids from the cruise joined on stage for the final few numbers.

Before the show, a young boy (maybe eight years old) with a green shirt wandered on stage. After someone finally noticed him, one of the child staff got him off of the stage. At the end of the children’s pieces, the boy started bowing multiple times. Alex, the cruise director who was narrating the show, came back on and said, “Hey kid in the green shirt, take another bow.” The boy did and everyone had a nice laugh.

Here’s a picture. The boy with the green shirt has his back to the camera.

Holiday Show with the Grinch. Click photo for full size.

After the show, we went to the Atrium for a Christmas sing-along and an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Next up was supper.

Supper from start to finish was well over an hour. We noted how much we enjoyed sitting and relaxing without having to worry about tomorrow and all of its cares.

Appetizers were Four Season Salad for Jeri and Lychee Bisque for Tim. We each got the root vegetable pie as our main dish…it tasted better than its name sounds. For sides, Jeri got creamed spinach and garlic fries. Tim also got the creamed spinach plus Singapore rice noodles.

Here’s Jeri’s salad.

Jeri’s Four Season Salad. Click photo for full size.

Some of the dining room staff sang a special version of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” with the words changed to the passengers leaving the cruise ship shortly.

Our server was Isabelo from the Philippines. He checked up on us often and brought us more fries when asked.

For dessert, Jeri got the cheesecake with tropical fruit. Tim got the Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake…so rich, chocolatey and delicious! The cheesecake was excellent! Tim even enjoyed sampling it and he’s not normally a cheesecake fan.

After dinner, we went back to our room and packed our bags while watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Around 10:00 PM, we sat our bags out and went for a walk. We peeked in and caught part of the music production. Then about 10:45 PM, we headed to Xanadu Lounge for the final two comedy shows: Jerome was at 11:00 PM; Jaylyn was at 11:45 PM. These two shows were “adult” rated and featured material more appropriate for married couples. Once again we enjoyed having many good laughs!

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