After we finished packing Saturday morning, we drove Aunt Vivian’s car to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy two pair of water shoes for the cruise. We returned and had about 10 minutes to eat a quick bite before meeting our shuttle driver downstairs.

Neil dropped us off at the pier and within about 10 minutes, we were in our room. Totally amazing! So we unpacked and then went to the buffet for a snack.

Our room is on deck 1. A lot of stuff is on decks 3 to 5. The buffet is on deck 9. Jeri found that climbing the stairs seemed to help her sciatica and back pain that she’s been having the past few weeks. Plus Lizzie and others back home were praying for Jeri’s back.

We explored the ship. Here we are above the atrium.

Jeri and Tim above atrium on the Carnival Conquest. Click photo for full size.

Two violin players and a cellist composed the group called Liberty Sweets. They played a variety of music including some Christmas music throughout the cruise.

Violin music with Liberty Sweets. Click photo for full size.

Several nights the brass trio would play music as we entered the restaurant for our evening dining.

WorldTown Sound brass trio. Click photo for full size.

The evening meal was always a highlight of the day.

At our first dinner. Click photo for full size.

Jeri chose the vegetable lasagna.

Vegetable Lasagna. Click photo for full size.

Every night they had at least two vegetarian options for the main entrée. One of these options was always Indian with different dishes each night. Our waiter told us that a number of the cooks were from India.

Authentic Indian Cuisine. Click photo for full size.

We chose the Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake for dessert this night.

Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake. Click photo for full size.

After supper, we listened to some music by the Sweet Operators.

Music by Sweet Operators. Click photo for full size.

And then we watched the Welcome Aboard Show. Unfortunately the music was really loud!

Welcome Aboard Show. Click photo for full size.

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