Carribean Cruise Day 2 – At Sea

Sunday, our port of call was Princess Cays island in the Bahamas. However the strong winds forced the captain to cancel since he couldn’t properly anchor the ship and said that we were in danger of running aground. At this island, cruise ships anchor offshore and then use tender boats to shuttle people back and forth to shore.

We didn’t have any plans in Bahamas. So instead of relaxing day on the beach, we had a relaxing day on the ship. We first went to the gym and exercised 15 minutes on the elliptical machine and then did some weights. Then we went to the buffet and had some fruit.

Plates of fruit. Click photo for full size.

Since our room wasn’t ready yet, we looked for a quiet place to read. Finally we found a spot outside of the sports bar where we read Ephesians chapter four. Then we went to the theater where we read the books that we had brought with us. Thinking, Fast and Slow for Tim. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus for Jeri.

Time for reading. Click photo for full size.

We had nice salads for a late lunch. They always had fun cold salads and fun vegetarian hot dishes for us to enjoy.

Yummy Lunch at the Lido Buffet. Click photo for full size.

The vegetarian enchiladas were wonderful!

Vegetarian Enchilada with black beans. Click photo for full size.

In the afternoon, we took our showers and then rested and relaxed in our room until dinner. After bread, butter, and a small side salad, Jeri had a root vegetable pie; Tim had the Indian dish. Due to the spiciness, Tim was sweating a bit. So we finished our meals by swapping plates.

Dinner on Day 2. Click photo for full size.

Dessert was definitely the highlight, malted chocolate hazelnut cake!

Malted Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with warm chocolate sauce. Click photo for full size.

After dinner, some of the waiters would do a choreographed dance to some music. Each night was a different theme.

Dancing after dinner. Click photo for full size.

For the first two nights, another couple was assigned to our table. Donato and Maria immigrated to the United States over 30 years ago. When they came, they didn’t speak any English. Although he learned to speak English from coworkers, he is always working and has never had time to learn to read or write it. She said that she learned to read by watching the TV show, Wheel of Fortune. They were very nice and we ran into them several times during the cruise.

Donato and Maria. Click photo for full size.

After this meal, Donato and Maria asked if they could be assigned to a different table so that they could be served by a waiter that they had had on a previous cruise. So the following evenings, Jeri and I had the table to ourselves. We enjoyed eating together without feeling like we needed to make conversation with others.

After dinner we caught two PG-rated comedy shows. Between the show we listened a bit to the band, Smooth Operators, with the horn trio, World Town Sound.

Smooth Operators with WorldTown Sound. Click photo for full size.

The second comedy show with Percy Crews 2 was hilarious. At the end, we were both crying and doubled over from laughing so hard. Our stomachs were literally hurting.

Percy Crews 2. Click photo for full size.

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