Carribean Cruise Day 3 – Grand Turk

Monday around 8 am, we docked at Grand Turk. This was four hours ahead schedule since we didn’t stop in the Bahamas the day before. Again we started in the gym.

In the gym. Click photo for full size.

Then we each had a plate of fruit. We wandered the ship and looked out over the island.

On the ship at Grand Turk. Click photo for full size.

Then we changed clothes and got a falafel wrap from the California Deli.

With Falafel Wraps. Click photo for full size.

We left the ship with plenty of time to spare. So we got to the excursion meet-up place early. We visited with Faith Anne and her husband who are the owners of Exclusive Escapes.

Shortly Gary and Marshall came back and dropped off one tour group and picked us up. Because our ship arrived in port early, quite a few people took an earlier tour. So instead of 12 in the group, we were joined by a couple and their daughter (who didn’t snorkel). Our group was nice and small.

On the snorkeling boat. Click photo for full size.

Our first stop was a shallow coral reef. Gary led the way. He had some Cheerios in a bottle that he used to attract the fish. The fish would swim right up to him. One time we were close to him and the yellow fish would actually swim by and brush us as they swam past.

Gary caught a small nurse shark by his hand and let us touch it. Then he let the shark go.

Our second stop was a spot near an underwater cliff where the sea floor drops suddenly. The water is so clear that you can see the drop off. Gary dove down about 50 feet just holding his breath. Then he let out some Cheerios for the fish.

Both of us are still new to snorkeling, so we each swallowed some very salty seawater. Aside from that, we really enjoyed our time. Although initially the water felt cool, we acclimated pretty well.

After returning to the beach, we walked back to the ship.

On Grand Turk. Click photo for full size.

There were two Carnival ships at Grand Turk that day.

Two Carnival Ships. Click photo for full size.

Back in our room, we each hopped in the shower and got clean again. We caught the sunset as we sailed away from Grand Turk.

Catching sunset on the ship. Click photo for full size.
Leaving Grand Turk. Click photo for full size.

We got ready for dinner which is always one of the highlights on a cruise. Tonight they had vegetarian spring rolls! For the entree, Tim got stuffed Portobello mushrooms; Jeri got the Indian dish. The mushroom dish was exceptional!

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Click photo for full size.
View inside of the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom. Click photo for full size.

For dessert, we both had the apple pie a la mode.

Apple Pie a la Mode. Click photo for full size.

For our evening entertainment, we saw the Gender Showdown. The host was our cruise director, Leigh, who made it very entertaining.

The game show format involved a number of rounds. Each round required one or more volunteers from each gender. Two rounds were in the format of Family Feud.

One round had six people join hands and see how many people could fit inside.

Gender Showdown Balloon Relay. Click photo for full size.

The last round was a relay which required each person to blow up and tie a balloon. Then he or she ran to his or her captain and had to pop the balloon in some specific manner like chest to chest, back to back, our sitting on the captain’s lap. Hands could not be used to pop the balloon. Then the person ran back and tagged the next team member.

After the show, we stopped to listen to the string trio. An older man made a request and then got up to dance.

Sweet Liberty taking requests. Click photo for full size.

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