Carribean Cruise Day 8 – At Sea

Saturday morning, we head to the gym. After our 20-minute aerobic workout, we switch to weights. John, who we met and talked with the day before, helped us and his wife workout on four weight machines.

We enjoyed getting some instruction and encouragement on using the machines. As the four of us took turns on each machine, we got to know each other. John’s a retired military veteran; Linda graduated with her law degree at age 60 and is now a lawyer. Amazing! Plus they’ve been married 46 years!

Here’s a picture of the four of us.

Jeri, John, Linda, and Tim in the gym. Click photo for full size.

Then it was our normal fruit, shower for Tim, and lunch. Today they had the Chocolate Extravaganza which featured maybe eight or more different chocolate cake plus a chocolate fountain and more. We chose the chocolate cheesecake and the chocolate pecan cake.

Dessert at the Chocolate Extravaganza. Click photo for full size.

Jeri took her shower after lunch. Then we relaxed. Later in the afternoon, we walked around to check our photos. Also we were hoping to see Donato and Maria. And we did run into them!

We went up on the upper deck to see the sunset.

Final sunset on the cruise. Click photo for full size.

Next was our final dinner on the ship. Jeri’s appetizer was a Caprese Salad – Tomato and fresh mozzarella, balsamico, virgin olive oil and basil.

Caprese salad. Click photo for full size.

Cinnamon pumpkin cheese pie with glazed cherry tomatoes and cheese puffs.

Cinnamon pumpkin cheese pie. Click photo for full size.

For dessert, they brought out flaming baked Alaska. Jeri had a slice. Tim had the melting chocolate cake.

Baked Alaska. Click photo for full size.

We said good bye to our servers: Nikola from Macedonia, Dmitriy from Belarus, Pujiasih from Indonesia.

Nikola, Jeri, Tim, and Dmitriy. Click photo for full size.
Jeri, Dmitriy, Pujiasih, and Tim. Click photo for full size.

That evening, we caught two performances of the band along with the horn trio. We also finalized our photo purchases. We really liked how the photos were digitally retrieved and browsed.

Smooth Operators and WorldTown Sound. Click photo for full size.

Fauzan was our Stateroom Steward. He was exceptionally friendly. Starting the very first day, he would greet us by name. Sometimes in the morning, we’d hear him call “Good morning, Tim and Jeri” from down the hallway.

With Fauzan, our Stateroom Steward. Click photo for full size.

Here’s a picture with a display of our favorite photos. Because they took a lot of good ones, it was hard to decide.

Viewing our photos. Click photo for full size.

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