Celebrating Joanna’s Birthday

Although we were a few months late, we finally celebrated Joanna’s “golden” birthday–where the day of month matched her age. We ordered Chinese carry-out food and then opened some presents.

Don’t miss the great photobomb!

Celebrating Joanna's 21st Birthday. Click photo for full size.
Celebrating Joanna’s 21st Birthday. Click photo for full size.

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Congratulations on your new home! Some very nice pictures! Sounds like fun weddings. (We sat on bales of hay at my grand niece’s wedding in Aug. –Brother Jim’s granddaughter. ) And fun house hunting. I’d like to have seen a pix of the outside of your new house–or did I miss them. Probably time to start packing–yuk! But it will all be worth it when you get moved and settled!

I also received your email on my iPhone and mini pad. But it was nothing like this one. It was weird. Could there have been some spam involved with them?

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