So we chose self debarkation. That meant that we had to carry off our own luggage but it also meant that we didn’t have to pack up the night before. That was so much nicer. So finally on our last day, we used the elevator to get our luggage up to deck 3.

Since we had enough time to enjoy breakfast, we got a made-to-order omelette with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, arugula, bell peppers, and some cheddar cheese. Yum!

Made-to-order omelette with fruit and toast. Click photo for full size.

For our last evening with Aunt Vivian, she treated us to burgers at BurgerFi.

Jeri, Aunt Vivian, and Tim outside BurgerFi. Click photo for full size.

They had some vegan options. Jeri got the BEYOND BURGER: 100% Plant-Based Beyond Burger® From Beyond Meat®, American Cheese, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions. Tim got the VEGEFI BURGER: Crispy Quinoa + Fresh-Cut Veggie Burger, White Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, BurgerFi Sauce on a Multigrain Bun.

Vegan burgers and fries at BurgerFi. Click photo for full size.

Aunt Vivian got a “real” burger plus she shared one of their chocolate shakes.

Aunt Vivian at BurgerFi. Click photo for full size.

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