Family Photo at Disneyland

Tim took two days of vacation, April 9th and 10th. We purposely chose a Tuesday and Wednesday because the crowds would be smaller at Disneyland on those days. On Tuesday, we were at California Adventure from about 1 PM until 6 PM when some of us had to leave to pickup a food co-op order.

The next day, we managed to get the entire family there…although Sarah and Joanna had to leave for class after only an hour. During the time that we were all there, we got a few family photos.

Family at Cars Land Sign
Click for full size. From left to right, Jason, Jeffrey, Nicole, Justin, Victoria, Joanna, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jeri, Tim, and Josiah (front).

Here’s the line up for the following two pictures. From left to right, Jeffrey, Justin, Victoria, Sarah, Jeri, Elizabeth, Jason, Joanna, Nicole, Tim, and Josiah (front).

At the California Adventure Waterfall
At the California Adventure Waterfall

Family in Front of CA Waterfall