First Night of Jeri’s 40-year High School Reunion – Not!

After starting the day with fruit smoothie made by Tim, Jeri and Tim went on a brisk 40-minute walk. Then Grandma and Josiah went for a walk.

Lunch was veggie wraps with the veggies chopped really small and then lightly cooked. We also had vegan Italian sausage that we sliced and fried. The wraps were delicious! We had Grandma Pau’s Maple Pecan cookies for dessert. Yum!

Around 1 PM, Uncle Jim and Rachel came by to pick up Josiah. They went fishing till evening. Josiah once again out did Uncle Jim. Josiah caught 14 fish to Uncle Jim’s three. Even Rachel caught eight.

Rachel, Uncle Jim and Josiah fishing at Big Creek. Click photo for full size.

Because the fish were small, they ended up releasing all of the fish that they caught.

Josiah with his big catch. Click photo for full size.
Josiah enjoying his fishing trip. Click photo for full size.

Around 3 PM, Jeri and I (Tim) left for the fair. Because there’s a shuttle from the State Capitol to the fairgrounds, we decided to park at the Capitol and take the bus.

Before getting on the shuttle, we took a self-guided tour of the Iowa State Capitol. The building was mostly empty…not surprising given that it was late on a Friday.

We saw a lot of beautiful artwork…murals, paintings, mosaics. There is a huge model of the U.S.S. Iowa battleship in the Capitol.

Jeri and Tim and the Iowa State Capitol artwork. Click photo for full size.

We were able to see the library as well as the Senate and House chambers.

Jeri in the Library at the Iowa State Capitol. Click photo for full size.

Here’s Tim on one of the spiral staircases.

Tim on a spiral staircase at the Iowa State Capitol. Click photo for full size.

We saw the visitors gallery for the Senate chambers.

Jeri and Tim at the Iowa State Capitol. Click photo for full size.

The Capitol has a large, highly detailed model of the U.S.S. Iowa battleship.

U.S.S. Iowa in the Iowa State Capitol. Click photo for full size.

After our tour, we took the shuttle to the fair. We then wandered up and down, all around, checking out the abundant food options…of course, most had meat, so our vegan choices were limited.

We heard about done veggie egg rolls…but they had pork in then. We ended up getting something healthy, veggie wraps. They were good…but not as good as the ones we had earlier for lunch.

Here’s the famous Butter Cow. has an interesting article about the Butter Cow.

Jeri and Tim by the Butter Cow. Click photo for full size.

We saw the tail end of the ice carving demonstration where the guy made a nicely detailed alligator. Then we went into the Agriculture Building to watch the VitaMix demo and try the samples.

The black guy doing the demo looked very fit and energetic. He had gone to Iowa State University on a wrestling scholarship back when ISU was a national powerhouse. He later transferred to Indiana. He eventually got into corporate America, ate unhealthy, and gained 65 pounds. Now, thanks to his VitaMix, he eats raw, vegan, and looks great.

Here’s the pig that we saw being carved yesterday.

Jeri and Tim next to the pig wood carving. Click photo for full size.

Next stop was Jeri’s high school reunion at JalapeƱo Pete’s, a restaurant/bar with LOUD music. When we entered, a live band was playing a not-so-great rendition of American Pie (by Don McLean).

We navigated through the crowd to the upper level patio. Jeri recognized a few members of her class…but none that she knew well. So after feeling like a fish WAY out of water, we left.

Amazingly shortly after getting out on the main concourse, Jeri saw one of her cousins, Mike Cochran, and his daughter. They are from Illinois but were headed to Adel for their annual sweet corn festival tomorrow. Considering that fair attendance that day was just over 100,000, it’s quite a “coincidence” that two cousins from different states run into each other.

We walked and wandered…we both enjoyed our relaxing stroll. We ended up at the Bill O’Reilly stage to catch the 9:00 PM performance of the acappella group, Tonic Sol Fa. That was fun.

Tonic Sol Fa at the Iowa State Fair. Click photo for full size.

The air was getting cool by the end of the concert. So afterwards, around 10 PM, we headed for the shuttle bus back to the Capitol to pick up our car and drive home.

Even though it was after 11 PM when we got home, Josiah was still awake. He was anxious to tell us about his fishing trip.