Home Life with Half of the Family Away

Jeri, Nicole, Victoria, Elizabeth, and Josiah are in Iowa with Grandma Stogdill (at her new home). They were at the funeral last week in Moline, Illinois and stayed in the Midwest. The rest of us returned home last weekend.

We planned a weekly menu on Sunday evening. Then Jeffrey and Sarah went grocery shopping Monday morning while Joanna was at her calculus class at Orange Coast College. Sarah helped me make my four lunch salads on Monday.

When I walked in the door on Monday, they already had “jiffy pizzas” coming out of the oven. On Tuesday, they worked very hard making enchiladas and Spanish rice. It took over two hours but they turned out VERY well…I was impressed. They made a chicken version as well as a vegetable version with corn, broccoli, and mini bell peppers. Tonight (Wednesday) we had rice and either chicken or tofu (the latter for Joanna and me). We poured store-bought curry sauce (a Japanese variety) over the top. That was yummy too.

Also Sarah helped me with my white laundry that had piled up.

Here’s a picture of Joanna and Jeffrey cooking.

Joanna and Jeffrey Cooking
Joanna and Jeffrey Cooking. Click for full size.

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Sounds like you guys are having fun. ^_^ Sounds like all you guys are doing is eating. 😀 😀 😀

Someone has a very weird grin or whatever it is that’s on his face (Is that a face? I can’t tell.). I’m glad I’m not that ugly person. Or am I?

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