Jill and Chris Pau’s Wedding

On Saturday, June 15th, 2019, Jill and Chris were married at an outdoor ceremony in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Tim, Jeri, and Grandma Pau flew from Moline (via Detroit). Mavis and her husband, Greg, drove from Columbus, Ohio. We all stayed at a nice Airbnb house in the country.

The weather was cool and windy on Friday. However we woke up Saturday morning to a bright and sunny day. The property was large and had a creek flowing out back.

Out behind the Airbnb cottage where we stayed
Creek running behind the property
Out by the creek. Click photo for full size.

Being out in the country, there were no fast-food places near by for lunch. So after a little online research, we drove to Mama’s Boy Burgers in Tannersville. (They had veggie burgers for the non-meat eaters.)

Here we are waiting for our food.

Waiting for lunch at Mama’s Boy Burgers. Click photo for full size.


Eating our burgers. Click photo for full size.

Here we are after lunch.

After lunch at Mama’s Boy Burgers

Back at the house, we get ready to head to the wedding.

Looking out the over the living room and dining area. Click photo for full size.

A selfie out on the back deck.

Kiss selfie. Click photo for full size.
Jeri and Tim with Greg, Grandma, and Mavis behind. Click photo for full size.

They had a creative way of letting people know their table assignments.

The actual ceremony was short and sweet.

Chris and Jill’s outdoor wedding

Family photo of the Pau side. From left to right, Gerald and Femma Lo, Christina Pai, Shannon Pai , Jonathan Pai (holding their son, Sebastian), Mavis, Betty, Greg Harris, Cyrilla, Vivian Pai, Michael, Jeri, and Tim.

The Pau side of the wedding

Looking out from the barn while Jill’s side of the family gets their picture taken.

Jeri looking out from the barn at the family picture taking
Just outside of the barn after wedding

The dinner following the wedding was in the barn and was very nicely done. The tables were beautifully decorated. Each guest had his or her name carved out of wood and placed on the table.

Tim and Jeri place setting.

Here is Grandma Pau and Aunt Vivian Pai after dinner.

Grandma Pau and Aunt Vivian

They had live music after the meal.

Live music after dinner
Inside of the barn after the wedding. Click photo for full size.

We get a selfie with the bride and groom.

Jill, Jeri, Chris, and Tim

Here is a video collage of the day.