Joanna’s Voice Recital and Souplantation

Tonight Joanna had a voice recital at Orange Coast College along with three other students of Dr. Susan Ali, her teacher. Of course, Joanna did a fabulous job!

Joanna sings Sweeter than Roses by Henry Purcell.

Joanna sings Batti, batti o bel Masetto from Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Here’s a photo when the group took a bow. Josiah led a standing ovation!

Terry, Jill, Audrey, Joanna, and Maggie after the recital. Click photo for full size.

Most of the family went to the recital and then Souplantation afterwards. Justin’s leg and back didn’t allow for him to go. Two of Joanna and Sarah’s friends, Katherine and Summer, were able to attend the recital and join us for supper.

The guys at one table.

Tim, Jeffrey, Jason, and Josiah at Souplantation. Click photo for full size.

Here’s another group of four.

Victoria, Nicole, Jeri, and Lizzie at Souplantation. Click photo for full size.

Here are Joanna and Sarah joined by Katherine and Summer.

Joanna, Katherine, Summer, and Sarah at Souplantation. Click photo for full size.

For more entertainment, watch the composite video.