Labor Day Open House

Normally our church has a Labor Day picnic. But since one wasn’t scheduled this year, we took the opportunity to host a gathering at our house.

The weather cooperated very nicely! Thank you, Lord! In the week prior to Labor Day (including the day before) the temps had been in the low 90’s with high humidity. But, today, it was cloudy with a high of 74 F!

Quite a few people (nearly 20) showed up. Some of the guys headed across the street to play four-on-four basketball. The ladies played Scattergories, Catch Phrase, and Marrying Mr. Darcy (a strategy card game based on “Pride and Prejudice”).

Ladies around the table. Click photo for full size.

Lots of people brought food to share. And someone even brought burgers with the fixin’s.

Jeffrey is our family’s master griller. (Jeffrey is standing next to the grill.)

Jeffrey grilling. Click photo for full size.

We had plenty of food.

Ready to eat. Click photo for full size.
Guys outside. Click photo for full size.

Later people played the favorite game from New Year’s Eve, the “fruit” game.

Playing the fruit-wacker game. Click photo for full size.