Last Day in Iowa of our Summer 2017 Trip

The reunion last night made for a late night. And we (Jeri and Tim) had to rise early to take showers before church at 9:30 AM. We went to Uncle Jim’s church, Messiah Lutheran. So we were a bit tired all day. After the service, the congregation helped Uncle Jim celebrate his recent 60th birthday. Among the gifts were a wheelchair, a bib and some adult diapers.

Celebrating Jim’s 60th Birthday. Click photo for full size.

After church, we went to Hibachi Grill. They have an extensive buffet as well as a build-your-own stir fry noodles dish. It was fun. Unfortunately Jonathan had to work at O’Reilly Auto Parts and Rachel wasn’t feeling well.

Josiah loved building his own plate of noodles.

Josiah enjoying his plate of noodles. Click photo for full size.

Of course, Uncle Jim is always entertaining.

Josiah and Uncle Jim at Hibachi Grill. Click photo for full size.

A group photo after the meal.

Josiah, Uncle Jim, Aunt Vicki, Grandma Stogdill, Jeri, and Tim at Hibachi Grill. Click photo for full size.

Josiah, Jeri, and Tim in the entrance area for Hibachi Grill.

Josiah, Jeri, and Tim at Hibachi Grill. Click photo for full size.

Back at Grandma’s house, Jeri packed up while Tim helped Grandma with some more computer questions. The much-longed-for nap never materialized.

Jeri and Tim headed out to Mercy Hospital to visit a classmate who is battling cancer. He very much wanted to attend the reunion but couldn’t.

Tim and Jeri visiting Gary. Click photo for full size.

We had a very nice visit with Gary as well as with his brother who was visiting with his wife and youngest son. We shared a lot of similarities with Gary’s brother’s family…home schooling, ATIA, Christian faith. We closed our time together with prayer.

We could tell that Gary definitely appreciated our visit. So it was nice to encourage him. He and Jeri reminisced about some fun times in the past. Jeri was his date to the Junior Prom.

One plus of our delayed flight was extra time to visit Gary as well as enjoy supper with Jim’s family one last time. Grandma ordered Casey pizza. Tim made chocolate smoothie. He and Jeri had veggies and hummus.

Jonathan, Rachel, Uncle Jim, Aunt Vicki, and Josiah at Grandma’s. Click photo for full size.

Our flight back home was delayed. So instead of arriving at LAX a little before 11 PM, we got in after 1 AM. Thankfully Jason and Jeffrey came and picked us up. We got home around 2:30 AM and were in bed around 3 AM.

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