Lizzie’s 16th Birthday

We had real and fake fish tacos for supper (per the birthday girl’s request). We enjoyed two Claim Jumper pies for dessert: blackberry and chocolate silk. Yum!

Here we are singing Happy Birthday with the candles in the blackberry pie lit.

Jeri, Sarah, Lizzie, and Joanna on Lizzie’s Birthday. Click photo for full size.

Lizzie blowing them out.

Lizzie blowing out candles on her birthday pie. Click photo for full size.

Justin photo-bombed this picture.

Sarah, Jeri, Lizzie, and Joanna with Justin in the background. Click photo for full size.

Here’s a picture of Tim taking a picture. Jeffrey was playing the guitar.

Sarah, Lizzie, and Joanna getting picture taken. Click photo for full size.