Lunch at The Veggie Grill

Today Jeri and Tim picked up a “new” car. It was a 1997 Subaru wagon with about 200,000 miles. We got it for cheap so the kids would have another vehicle to travel back and forth to community college. After picking up the car, they went to The Veggie Grill near the University of California Irvine. Both lunch and the weather were great.

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The dessert that they are holding is the “Grilled Cookie” which is a large chocolate-chip, walnut cookie covered with chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce. It was delicious!

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If the subject was “the weather”, then you are correct. However, the subject is “Both lunch and the weather” which is plural. Thus “were” is correct. You can see this by simplifying the sentence to “Both were great.”

It’s good to see that someone actually reads my posts!

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