New Year’s Eve 2016

Just like last year, we invited friends from church to spend New Year’s eve at our house. However, unlike last year, the weather was cool and wet so we weren’t able to play sports (like flag football) outside.

By far the favorite game of the evening was one called Fruit Bowl. Everyone chooses a fruit name (banana, strawberry, etc.). Everyone sits in a circle except for one person who stands in the center. One person in the circle is chosen to start the game by calling someone else’s fruit name. The person in the middle tries to tag the person who is called before that person calls out someone else’s fruit name. If a person gets tagged before they call out another fruit name, that person becomes the one in the center. Many people literally played this game for hours (at least six or seven hours).

Playing Fruit Bowl. Click photo for full size.

Two Japanese exchange students (who are visiting the United States with a group from their high school for nine days) spent the evening with us.

Sarah and Nicole with our Japanese friends, Kenta and Kota. Click photo for full size.

Everyone had a good time. Some people just sat or stood around and talked. A few watched the movie, National Treasure. Some played other games.

Playing Dutch Blitz, Victoria, Jayme, Katie, Christeen, Philip, and Andrew with Jeffrey watching. Click photo for full size.
Nicole at the table with Lizzie and Kristie behind her. Click photo for full size.
Gathered around the table on New Year’s Eve. Click photo for full size.

Most people stayed past midnight to ring in the new year and watch the local fireworks show going on all around our house. Here’s a group photo. Tim (the photographer) had ten seconds to get into the picture. Because he was still moving slightly, he’s a bit blurry.

Group photo from New Year’s Eve 2016. Click photo for full size.