Concerts and Recitals

2021 Spring Recital

The young men from church performed “Come Thou Fount.”

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Ed and Nicole are engaged

On Saturday, Ed flew down from the Bay Area. Although his flight was delayed (first due to a bird strike and then to an engine problem), he finally arrived at John Wayne Airport and then our house around midafternoon. Around 4:00 PM, we finally leave from Laguna Beach to go on a hike (El Moro Canyon).

Unbeknownst to Nicole, Ed had already purchased an engagement ring and was planning to propose on the hike at the top of the hill. Also Ed’s brother and his wife had driven down from Sacramento the day before. They planned to hike to the top and hide so that they could be a part of the big event.

The hike is quite strenuous.

On the way to the top, Ed decides on a change of plans. So he stops at a scenic spot, gets on one knee, and proposes. Most of the group (including Ed’s brother and sister-in-law) end up missing the occasion.

Victoria messages the group and we hike back down to meet up from pictures.

We spend a little time taking a lot of pictures.

We got a family picture (though Jason, Hannah, and Evelyn aren’t included).

Back: Justin, Jeffrey, Ed, Nicole, Jeri, Tim, Victoria.
Front: Josiah, Sarah, Lizzie, and Joanna
Tim (Ed’s brother), Ed, Nicole, and Marissa

We then hiked back down.

Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom

Afterwards we drove back to South Coast Plaza for a celebration meal at Claim Jumper’s restaurant.

Hannah, Victoria, Josiah, Jeri, and Tim
Ed, Nicole, Tim, Marissa, Jeffrey, Joanna, and Sarah
Jeri, Tim, Justin, Josiah, Jason, Hannah, and Victoria

Because Nicole’s birthday was the next day, she got a mini-birthday cake. We also got a slice of the classic Motherload Cake to share with all.

Concerts and Recitals

Because He Lives

Youth Choir sings “Because He Lives” at Warner Avenue Baptist Church on Easter Sunday (April 4, 2021).


Weston’s Get-together

Kevin and Darlene Weston and their children drove out from Kansas to visit family and friends. On the night before their drive back, we invited all of the Weston clan along with the Ouatu family to our house for a get-together.

Here are some photos from the evening.

Josiah and the Weston children building with Duplos
Christeen, Reuben, and Lorna
Stephen, Bill, Reuben, and Robin
Jason, Evelyn, and Tim
Victoria, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Sarah
Three Weston boys – James, Adam, and Levi
Jeri and Cris
Lizzie and Christeen
Josh, Christeen, Lizzie, Victoria, Gabriella, and Cris
Around the table
Hannah, Jason, Kevin, Stephen, Johnny, Andrew, Josh, and Jeffrey
Christeen along with two boys shooting Nerf guns
Nerf battle in the parking lot
Darlene, Robin, and Bill
William and Josiah
Lorna and Addy
Jeri and Tim
Singing hymns
Hannah playing piano for the hymn sing
Playing a card game, Dutch Blitz
Lizzie, Hannah, Jeffrey, Johnny, Christeen, Andrew, and Josh
Stephen, Bill and Kevin
Hannah and Jason
Robin and Bill
Stephen, Lorna, and Reuben

Here is the Kevin Weston family. They have two twin boys, Adam and James. Because we’re not sure who is who in this photo, the caption might be incorrect.

Darlene, Kevin and Adam, Levi, James, Philip, William, Addy

Here is a short (two-minute) video collage of the evening.


Low tide at Huntington Beach

Six of us went down to the beach – Jeri, Tim, Justin, Nicole, Victoria, and Lizzie. We (purposely) caught it at low tide. The temperature was in the 70s.

Here’s Lizzie walking along the beach.

Lizzie walking at low tide
Lizzie, Nicole, Jeri, and Victoria along the beach at low tide
Lizzie, Jeri, Nicole, Justin, Victoria, and Tim

A one-minute video composite.


Vegan Chocolate Ganache recipe

A rich, chocolatey dessert! Using a Vitamix and digital scale, this recipe is very easy to follow.

Here are the ingredients. The key is to start with the avocado. The amount of avocado then determines the amount of the other ingredients.

Notes: I like to add the ingredients in the order listed below. I use a mixture of cacao and cocoa powder but you can use either. If you like a stronger chocolate flavor, use the higher proportion of cocoa powder. If your dates are dry, then you will need to increase the amount of liquid (eg. almond milk).

IngredientProportionSample Measurement
Avocado100%300 g
Maple syrup (or honey)25%75 g
Cocoa powder (and/or cacao powder)20 to 25%60 to 75 g
Almond milk (or oat milk)50%150 g
SaltN/Apinch (or a few shakes)
VanillaN/A10 g (2 tsp)
Dates (pitted)100%300 g

Start by zeroing the scale with the Vitamix container on it.

Empty Vitamix container

Add avocado by scooping the flesh into the container. In the following pictures, I had 318 grams of avocado. Other times, I’ve used only 200 grams of avocado and scaled the recipe accordingly.

Adding Avocado
318 grams of avocado added

Zero the scale and add 100% pure maple syrup. Do NOT use maple-flavored corn syrup! You can substitute honey. The amount should be one quarter of the amount of avocado.

Zero the scale and add cocoa powder. To be a bit healthier, I use a half cocoa powder and half cacao powder. The amount should be one fifth of the avocado amount.

Cocoa powder added

Next add almond/oat/coconut milk. The amount should be half of the avocado amount. I used almond milk.

Almond milk added

Next add vanilla extract. (I really like to use Mexican vanilla.)

Maple syrup and vanilla

Add a pinch of salt which is about 1/16 teaspoon. Or if you have a salt shaker, just give it a few good shakes.

Pinch of salt

Finally add the dates. Zero the scale. Remove the pits and stem caps. The amount should equal the amount of avocado.

Adding dates

Finally blend on the Vitamix. Use the tamper. Gradually increase the speed until you are finally able to blend it on high to get it really smooth.

Ready to blend

If necessary, use a scraper on the sides. You will need to work at it for a bit using the tamper to get the mixture to blend until it is smooth. Add a little more liquid if necessary. Don’t worry if it gets a little warm from blending.

Scraping the sides

When done, scoop into a container and store in the refrigerator.

Scoop into container

For a satisfying treat after a meal, I will take a scoop with tablespoon to slowly enjoy. Yum!

It seems to last about a week in the refrigerator.

I started with a recipe that I found online. I modified it slightly and simplified its instructions. Original recipe is here.


Playing at the Beach

Some of the young people from church planned a bonfire at the beach for Saturday afternoon and evening. Unlike most of these beach outings, Tim, Jeri, and Justin actually attended this one…for a while.

Here are some pictures. Click on them for full size.

Nicole, Victoria, and Jeri relaxing at the beach
Lizzie playing Frisbee
Jeffrey after tossing the Frisbee with Justin behind him
Jeri and Tim at the beach with the sun setting behind them

Evelyn Baby Shower

Today, after the morning service, our church had a baby shower for Jason, Hannah, and Evelyn. Today was the first time that they have been able to attend church since her birth.

We had food set up inside. To stay within state guidelines due to COVID-19, we had the men and children eat outside and the women ate inside.

Click on any picture for full size.

Victoria and Jeri at the food table
Josiah eating outside under a canopy
Brenda Huber, Sarah, Jeri, Joanna, and Nicole
Sarah holding Evelyn
Joanna taking a picture of the cake
Jeffrey in the church kitchen with some friends: Andrew, Josh, and Maddy
People working on one of the baby shower games
Hannah and Jason opening presents. Jeri and Nicole helped keep track of the gifts.
People watching the gift opening
Jason opening a card while Hannah holds Evelyn
Paul Huber holds a sleeping Evelyn
Sarah, Jeri, and Tim in the parking lot

Here is a short compilation of the pictures.


First Pictures of Evelyn

With her red hair, Evelyn looks a lot more like Nainai (Grandma) Pau than Yeye (Grandpa) Pau.

Jeri and Evelyn
Tim and Evelyn
Sarah holding Evelyn with Jeffrey
Evelyn grasping a finger

Bass Lake Pictures

On Monday, August 17, 2020, Joanna, Victoria, Jeffrey, and Lizzie left for Bass Lake (near Yosemite National Park). They rode along with the Oautu family. They returned six days later on Sunday, August 23rd.

Note: You can click on any picture to view it full size.

Lizzie, Jeffrey, and Joanna waiting at church before heading out
Relaxing with music while waiting
Driving past downtown LA
Smoke near Magic Mountain
Driving to Bass Lake
Jeffrey and Josh after the car broke down
Needing a tow truck
Christeen, Lizzie, and Joanna upstairs at the Bass Lake cabin
Joanna, Lizzie, and Victoria riding with the Oautus
Looking down at Victoria at the Bass Lake cabin
Bass Lake view from the cabin
Jeffrey, Tim, and broccoli
Lizzie, Christeen, and Jeffery on the boat on Bass Lake
Lizzie on the boat with the Oautus
Joanna and Victoria boating on Bass Lake
Lizzie and Christeen boating on Bass Lake
Lizzie the fisherman on the dock
Lizzie at the helm
Lizzie the cook