Pre-Carribean Cruise 2018

Tim’s aunt, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, has invited us to visit several times. So this year, instead of cruising to Mexico like we’ve done the last three years, Jeri and Tim decided to do a Carribean cruise.

After a hectic few days trying to get ready for the trip as well as finishing up stuff for work and home, Tim finally finishes packing around 8:30 am…just in time to call Uber.

Our driver was William, who is Filipino. We had a good discussion of spiritual things and Tim shared the gospel with him.

Everything went smoothly at LAX. During our nearly five-hour flight, we watched two movies. The first was an amazing National Geographic documentary called The March of the Penguins which told of the sacrifices that the male and female Emperor Penguins make to hatch and raise their young. The second movie was Walk the Line which told the story of Johnny Cash and the struggles that he faced.

After our nonstop flight to Fort Lauderdale, we made it to Aunt Vivian’s place.

Thursday morning, after a late start, we visit the gym in Aunt Vivian’s building to do some weights. Then we swam in the building’s outdoor heated pool. The water was warm but getting out was cold because of the strong breeze. (Her building is right on the beach.)

After swimming at Fort Lauderdale. Click photo for full size.

That afternoon, we relaxed in her place and Tim took a nap. That evening, we checked out our excursion choices at the various ports.

Friday morning, Jeri and I walked down to a nearby pier and back. Although it didn’t look that far, it was about a mile away. So our two-mile walk in the soft sand took over an hour.

After walking on beach in Fort Lauderdale. Click photo for full size.

We came back and showered. Then Aunt Vivian treated us to lunch at a vegan restaurant, Green Bar and Kitchen. We were glad that she was willing to try something different and join us.

Aunt Vivian at Green Bar and Kitchen. Click photo for full size.

She got a hummus wrap; Jeri and I split a taco salad and a coconut burger. The coconut burger patty was one of the best that we’ve had. It had a great flavor and texture.

Tim and Jeri at Green Bar and Kitchen. Click photo for full size.

After lunch, we did some shoe and snack shopping to get ready for our cruise. After returning to the condo, Jeri and I walked to CVS to get a few more things.

Late Friday afternoon, Tim got a call about a bug in a website project that he’s been working on. So he had to spend a few hours debugging and fixing the issue. Fortunately for all, he was able to implement a fix.

Pre-Carribean Cruise 2018
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