About the Pau Family

Tim and Jeri grew up in a completely different era; one where giant animals roamed the lands. They called these animals dinosaurs, because they looked very much like dinosaurs. Tim recalls his experiences:

It was terrible! I had several friends as a six-year-old, but by the time I was 20, it was just me. I was fortunate to make it past high school. Sometimes it could be fun, being chased by a particularly stupid dinosaur. You could get it to fall off a cliff, if there was one on the way back from school.

Jeri had similar experiences, but is still too traumatized to talk about them, as seen by this actual interview attempt:


The rest of the family grew up in a normal environment, with the sun rising on people getting into their cars and driving to work, instead of on people running back to their caves hoping the hungry dinosaurs won’t fit.

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