Seeing the Quad Cities

This morning, Uncle Greg, and cousins, Jessica and Sebastian, left for Omaha. Before they left, we took a family photo.

Greg, Jessica, Sebastian, Grandma Pau, Jeri, Josiah, and Tim. Click photo for full size.

Last night Uncle Greg and Sebastian worked really hard to polish the badly tarnished house numbers on Grandma Pau’s house. The day before, they had replaced the outside light which was also very tarnished and overall ugly. Here are the bright and shiny results.

Bright and shiny house numbers and outdoor light. Click photo for full size.

This afternoon, Jeri, Josiah and I (Tim) traveled across the bridge back into Iowa. We drove to see our old Davenport house where we lived from 1992 till 1995. It’s still there and looks nice. However the old Rasing tax office where Tim used to work (just two blocks from the house) is completely gone.

2110 N Division St, Davenport, Iowa. Click photo for full size.

From there, we stopped at Greatest Grains, a health food store, in Davenport. When we checked out, Jeri recognized the lady as one who had worked there over 20 years ago. She didn’t look that old; she must eat really healthy and take care of herself.

Then we drove down to the Mississippi River. We stopped near LeClaire Park and walked across the Sky Bridge.

Josiah, Jeri, and Tim near the Sky Bridge. Click photo for full size.
Josiah, Jeri, and Tim on the Sky Bridge in Davenport, Iowa. Click photo for full size.
Tim and Josiah on the Sky Bridge. Click photo for full size.

Then we drove across the Centennial Bridge into Rock Island. There we stopped again at the new vegan café in Healthy Harvest Urban Farms for lunch. The three of us each got a veggie wrap which we enjoyed.

Josiah, Jeri, and Tim having Veggie Wraps at Healthy Harvest Urban Farms cafe in Rock Island, Illinois. Click photo for full size.

Josiah with his Veggie Wrap and a side of Potato Salad. Click photo for full size.