Seeing the Zoo

Yesterday we (Jeri, Josiah, and Tim) drove back from Moline to Des Moines. Uncle Jim. Aunt Vicki, Jonathan, and Rachel came over to Grandma Stogdill’s house for supper. We enjoyed the evening. Josiah and Uncle Jim kept trading jokes. We ended up staying hop later than normal.

This morning, Jim joined the four of us at Village Inn for breakfast. Yum!

Jim went on to a meeting while the rest of us headed back to the house. We met Jonathan at Blank Park Zoo a little after 10:00 am.

Today was Josiah’s first visit to a zoo…he’s 11 years old. He has been learning a lot about various animals from the PBS television series called “Wild Kratts.” So he really enjoyed the trip.

Josiah in a Kangaroo Pouch. Click photo for full size.

Josiah grew some wings.

Josiah with Butterfly Wings. Click photo for full size.

Taking a short break in the shade.

Grandma, Josiah, and Jonathan taking a break at Blank Park Zoo. Click photo for full size.

We saw sea life, birds, tortoises (one was HUGE and weighed about 500 pounds), lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, and lots more.

Check out the monkey expressions.

Monkey Expressions. Click photo for full size.

Here we are in front of the ostrich exhibit. Although the ostrich looks like he’s ready to peck at Jonathan’s head, he’s really too far back behind the fence.

Jonathan, Grandma Stogdill, Josiah, Jeri, and Tim with an Ostrich at Blank Park Zoo. Click photo for full size.

Josiah said that his favorite (which he was telling us about before today) was the Red Panda. He used Jeri’s phone to take a picture.

Josiah taking a picture of his favorite animal, the Red Panda. Click photo for full size.

The weather was again beautiful. Thus our two and a half hour stroll through the zoo was exceptionally pleasant…especially for a summer day in Iowa.

Jeri and Tim at Blank Park Zoo. Click photo for full size.