Vegan Chocolate Ganache recipe

A rich, chocolatey dessert! Using a Vitamix and digital scale, this recipe is very easy to follow.

Here are the ingredients:

IngredientMeasurementApproximate equivalent
Avocado300 g2 avocados
Cocoa powder (and/or cacao powder)60 g2/3 cup
Coconut milk (or almond milk)150 g1/3 cup
Maple syrup (or honey)75 g1/4 cup
Saltpinch1/16 teaspoon
Vanilla25 g2 Tablespoon
Dates (pitted)300 g16 dates

Start by zeroing the scale with the Vitamix container on it.

Empty Vitamix container

Add avocado by scooping the flesh into the container. In the following pictures, I had 318 grams of avocado. Other times, I’ve used only 200 grams of avocado and scaled the recipe accordingly.

Adding Avocado
318 grams of avocado added

Zero the scale and add cocoa powder. To be a bit healthier, I use a half cocoa powder and half cacao powder. The amount should be one fifth of the avocado amount.

Cocoa powder added

Next add coconut milk. The amount should be half of the avocado amount. Because I was out of coconut milk, I substituted almond milk.

Almond milk added

Add 100% pure maple syrup. Do NOT use maple-flavored corn syrup! You can substitute honey. The amount should be one quarter of the amount of avocado.

Next add vanilla extract. (I really like to use Mexican vanilla.)

Maple syrup and vanilla

Add a pinch of salt which is about 1/16 teaspoon. In the picture, I have half of a 1/8 teaspoon.

Pinch of salt

Finally add the dates. Zero the scale. Remove the pits and stem caps. The amount should equal the amount of avocado.

Adding dates

Finally blend on the Vitamix. Use the tamper. Gradually increase the speed until you are finally able to blend it on high to get it really smooth.

Ready to blend

If necessary, use a scraper on the sides.

Scraping the sides

When done, scoop into a container and store in the refrigerator.

Scoop into container

For a satisfying treat after a meal, I will take a scoop with tablespoon to slowly enjoy. Yum!

I started with a recipe that I found online. I modified it slightly and simplified its instructions. Original recipe is here.