Victoria’s Voice Recital

Victoria worked VERY hard to get ready for her voice recital. She would stay at Orange Coast College many afternoons. Lizzie would help her on piano and Joanna would be her coach.

Mai, Victoria, and Joanna. Click photo for full size.

Mai and Victoria opened the evening with a beautiful duet.

Victoria and Mai alternated sets of two or three pieces.

Here is a piece that Mai sang. She, too, sang very well.

The final piece of the recital was trio sang by Mai, Victoria, and Joanna.

As an encore for Mai and Victoria’s voice recital, Sarah, Joanna, Jeffrey, and Lizzie joined to perform Jazz Talkin’. This sophomore voice recital was required as part of Orange Coast College’s Music program.

After the recital, there were snacks and refreshments outside. This was conducive for people to hang around and visit.

Visiting after the recital. Click photo for full size.