Wii Party U

We bought Mario Kart 8 and, as our free bonus, got Wii Party U. We had four options for our free game. We weren’t sure which to choose but we ended up getting Wii Party U…mostly because it would be one that us “non-gamers” like Mom and I would play.

Turns out that there are a lot of fun little games…AKA minigames. Last night we were playing “Feed Mii” which is set as a fast-food restaurant. (Nicole might like this one.) One player is the cashier and takes orders from the other three players. Then the cashier has to remember who ordered which items.

Feed Mii menu
Feed Mii menu

I (Tim) was playing with them last night. During my turn as cashier, I drew a blank on a lot of the items. It was SO funny! Everyone was laughing hysterically. I and a few others were laughing so hard that our sides hurt.

Hong Kong Express

So last night we (Joanna and Tim) ordered carryout from Hong Kong Express in Huntington Beach. The ladies recognized us because they knew that we normally order more food and they asked where Mom was.

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